Friday Food Round-Up!

There’s only some mild hilarity in the fact that I took-up reverb-ing because I needed to Blog More and instead, I’m posting more than once a day on some days.

Sunday – Guajillo-Chile Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw, Uncle Richard’s Hot Sauce, Red Chile Rice and Chocolate Chewies from The Homesick Texan and Guacamole


Confession: Between dating and marriage, Marcus and I have been together for…five years I think?

And we have never had either set of parents over for dinner together. Ever.

I know.  I know.  That cluttered second bedroom?  Is only one of the dark spots in the feng shui of my soul.

When Marcus and I first made these fish tacos, I knew that they would be on the list of Things To Make when we did have David and Sue over for dinner.

And y’all know that I am nothing if not a lover of themes, so I invited the rest of Lisa’s book along with me for the ride.

Monday – Country Captain from The Joy of Cooking


Something-something, this was from colonial times, I’m not entirely sure.

Anyway, when I was inviting Dad over for dinner, I gave him both of the options on our menu for the week and let him make the choice.

I thought he picked it because he spent a part of his youth in Virginia and it was some sort of familiar patriot-food.  But apparently he had never touched the stuff and was just dying to give this dish a try!

Tuesday – Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew from The Joy of Cooking


Confession: I ate my stew sans-rice.

So.  We all know that I have a love of sweet potatoes.

Marcus does not always necessarily share the same love.  Or a deep love for things involving peanut butter in the sauce.

But this?  This stew he would eat again.

We did add the optional meat, did not seed the jalapeno, tossed in 1/8 t cayenne and used regular chunky peanut butter instead of the “natural” stuff.

Have you ever had Country Captain?


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Never have I heard of Country Captain, but if it’s in The Joy of Cooking, then I’ll try it–I LOVE that cookbook. Also in love? With Uncle Richard’s Hot Sauce. All other salsas are dead to me.

  2. I have never had this or heard of it? How awesome that you found it and how awesome that it is named that? So funny. It all looks so good as usual. Did you ever try the pot roast from Pioneer Woman?


    Shauna xoxoxxoo

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