Friday Food Round-Up!

Yes, I realize that since it is also Reverb, I’ve posted twice today.  But the Friday Food Round-Up stops for nothing.

This week, another round of The Joy of Cooking.  Which means three new recipes (again!) because I never cook out of this thing!  Seriously, it’s been such a party.  And I just know you own it!

Sunday – Wild Caribbean Black Bean Chili with Northern Cornbread from The Joy of Cooking


I was going to do this dish without cornbread, but thank God for Allison setting me straight.  This, friends, is sisterhood in action.

Since it’s very rare that we ever manage to take down an entire pan of cornbread, I finally came to my senses and actioned muffins.  This was a Truly Wonderful Development because this recipe?  Was TO DIE FOR.  And now these Northern Cornbread-Muffins are living in my freezer.

We opted to go the jalapeno route rather than the habanero route with the chili, only because I try to be very cognizant of what may or may not burn our tastebuds out.  Otherwise, what made it Caribbean?  The profane amount of citrus (zest and juice!) involved.  I loved it, Marcus was neutral.  It was a good change.

Tuesday – Ground Beef with Potatoes and Spices (Keema Alu) from The Joy of Cooking with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pita, rice (for Marcus) and a guest appearance  by Lemon-Cumin Dal from Ruhlman’s Twenty


Yes, I realize this could be competitive in the most un-photogenic meals we have ever eaten competition.

In defense of the invader-lentils, the dish recommended lentils as a “side” and these have been in my freezer for what feels like ages.

Lentils aside, this dish was a major keeper.  It came together so quickly, could be easily actioned with what we keep in the pantry, and was a really different version of keema than the one that Nigella introduced us to last year.

And we both agreed that the pita was a very welcome addition.

Wednesday – Chicken Tagine with Chickpeas from The Joy of Cooking with rice (for Marcus) and leftover Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pita (for moi)


Confession: we were originally supposed to have this dinner on Tuesday.  But I was so tired on Monday night that the idea of taking pieces of chicken out of the freezer to defrost in the fridge overnight sounded more challenging than putting a tube of ground meat in the same situation.


So, we don’t actually have a tagine.  And The Joy of Cooking doesn’t expect you to have one either.  So we just rocked this stew in a dutch oven.  Lord knows I love cooking in my Le Creuset at any and every chance I get (Marcus will testify to this) and this was yet another excuse to do so.

I didn’t really know what to expect for an end result, because I have never ever tagine-d before.

The end product was tender chicken in a wonderfully rich broth/sauce with just a little zip at the end. Marcus pronounced it “good” and all was well.

What cookbooks have been laying dormant on your shelf?


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. There are too many too mention. I’ve been playing the simplistic route as of late. Salad Mondays, simple tried-and-true meals I know hubby loves on Tues, take-out Wed, leftover Thursday and impromptu weekends. It’s working for now. Best for busy holiday season. I’m sure I’ll be trying more new stuff after the New Year!

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