Reverb 12 | Come with us.

Some of you may remember my Reverb posts from last year.

And some of you might not have any clue as to what I’m talking about.

So for the clueless: #Reverb12 is a prompt-a-day for December designed to give all of us a shot at reflecting on the last eleven months and the year to come.

I really enjoyed the handful of prompts that I wrote on last year and Meredith and Sarah were kind enough to let me join-in with their reindeer games this year.

How do you participate in #reverb12? Meredith will post the new prompt each day on her blog.

And all you have to do is write.

Maybe you’ll join us in writing every day.

Maybe you’ll only write when the mood strikes.

Maybe you’ll see the prompts we post, decide that they are heinously bad and write on a prompt of your own design.

Or write on the previous day’s prompt because it is more interesting to you.

The world is your oyster.

Just please, if you do write, let us know by commenting so that we can come too.

Are you going to #reverb12 with us?


3 responses to “Reverb 12 | Come with us.

  1. YES! I added you to my reverb12 list. Love what you are doing and when I get back from my soul collage class today, I plan to write to your prompt. Happy Reverbing!

  2. Am writing. And crying. And writing some more. Glad to have the nudge.

  3. reverbing with you.feels good.thanx for the prompts

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