Oh, what to do. Just file this under: My Most Meaningful Post Ever.

1. On Sunday, Marcus finally sacrificed my yellow Parker mixing bowl to the watery, tile-clad sink god.  I’ll be honest, I feel like we’re living on borrowed time with basically everything that is breakable in this place so I am impressed that the entire set of bowls stayed intact for ~2.5 years.

2. I watched Breaking Dawn: Part I on Friday night, right?  And we all know that I’ve been having crazy dreams lately, right?  So in this one, I was a Twilight-style vampire who only drank True Blood and I was really only mostly excited because being a vampire because of how well I could run.  Figure that one out.

3. I’m trying to force Marcus to start playing board games with me regularly.  Yes, we registered for a bunch of them and no, we don’t play them.  Ever.  Some of them are definitely still in the original wrapping.  We played Scrabble on Sunday night and tied.

4. Did anyone else feel like their face is about to fall off?  I don’t know where all of this dry air came from but in the past week, I have moisturized to the point of excess to no avail.  To wit: I even have dry skin on my upper lip.  These are trying times that we live in.



4 responses to “Workshopping

  1. My face feels like its falling off!! Sooo dry. I think I need a humidifier – do those things work?? I’ve never had one!

  2. I was in a class for 2 days that was so dry my coffee kept evaporating. What’s for lunch tomorrow?

  3. Yes, trying times for sure. Oh my goodness!!! This totally takes me back. My husband and I have this travel Scrabble where the tiles stick to the board so you can play in bed all comfy and cozy!!!! We use to all the time. It was awesome. We love games here, obviously. Hahahaha


    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

    PS. Chicken was awesome, kids loved it and that’s all that I really care about. We have plenty of leftovers and that is what I love most right this second….. 🙂

  4. Ha, I love the logic you have behind being a vampire. Running? Fantastic.

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