Because We Can

We’re going to keep it short and sweet, because I’m headed off to celebrate Jenna’s bat mitzvah in about a half hour.

So, tonight I’ll share with you what I shared with some of my running girlfriends yesterday.  I am so blessed to know these women – making friends as an adult is a lot different than when you’re in college and these three, they are a constant source of support to me.  The wordless understanding we have is precious.

We are all going to have many marathons over the course of a lifetime.  Many.  Not five, not ten.  Dozens.  Because we are runners for life.  So we’re not rationing our marathon finishes out in case we totally deplete the supply because that is patently impossible.  To that end, some will be the fastest, some will be the slowest.  Some will be perfect due to factors we can’t control, some will be disasters even when we did everything we could.  Some years our running will be PR-shattering, others (like this one) our running will be a complete cluster-f**k (it is what it is).  What matters is that we run with joyful hearts.  That we run because God gave us this incredible gift to cover the distance.  That we run because we can.

So to all of you running on Sunday morning, don’t waste the gift.  Tomorrow, we don’t run to win, but because the miles we come to run and our best effort are perfect just as they are.  Our sacrifice is the same, whether we aim for 2:10 or 6:00.


7 responses to “Because We Can

  1. Wishing you strong and healthy feet tomorrow! Do what you do, Kat!

  2. Good luck tomorrow Kat! You are amazing and strong!!

  3. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Good luck, Kat!! You’ll do great. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Wishing you good fun tomorrow.

  6. Awesome. Good luck!

  7. I couldn’t love this post anymore if I tried.

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