Rejoice, we are victorious!

This week, we’re sipping on Minnesota incarnations of Marzenbier (AKA Observing Oktoberfest) at the Minnesota Beer Activists!

Well, well, well.

For all that I haven’t really discussed running in-depth, on the blog for the past three months, this week we will probably talk about it every day.  Make up for lost time and all of that.

I was going to carry this secret with me through Sunday (or maybe Saturday night).  But I think I need to call in all of my chits.  Especially since right now I’m battling a nasty-something that I’m praying does not move into my chest.

Since getting on the bus at Grandma’s I have spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy and hours trying to figure out how to Keep It From Happening Again.  “It” being the exotic potpourri of tendonitis and plantar fascia/nerve issues that I managed to amass at Grandma’s.  Which is really great because we still don’t really know why I was struck down in the first place.

Some mysteries are not meant to be solved.

I have biked 1,357.82 miles, logged five 50+ mile rides and run 104.1 miles.

There is nothing on the internet about bike training for a marathon.  There are dozens of people who say it is possible, but no “real” plan.  So I’ve done the best I could to patch together something that would deliver me to the start line of the Twin Cities Marathon.

On October 7th, I will either cross a finish line or I will undo everything.

I’ve asked myself probably hundreds of times since June why I insist on choosing the marathon as my race.  I could become a perfectly fast half-marathoner.  I could choose the sunlight’s shadow and press myself into the mold of a sprinter and champion the 5k.

To what end have I chosen 26.2 miles as the distance that defines me?

What do I prove to myself by running for over four hours that I cannot by running for just one?

I think this article that Carissa shared does a good job of explaining it.  Or what I said over on Amanda’s blog last week.

Running fills in all of my cracks.  It is unselfconscious.  It forces me to relinquish control, try harder and want more than rational thought dictates I should be allowed to ever dream of.  It forces me to confront my true self, removes the boundary between life and living presently.

It is my joy.

And with that, I suppose it’s time to start recruiting for The Running Pack in The Sky.  On October 7th, I’ll be out from some time between 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (CST).  Who is with me?


15 responses to “Rejoice, we are victorious!

  1. Yay!! I love this…and secrets 😉 We run for our emotions, the good and the bad, and we run to prove we are strong in all aspects of our lives. Here’s to staying unbroken with a finish!

  2. I just started reading your blog a week or so ago, good luck on your marathon, I hope you stay strong and uninjured!! I will also be running the marathon.

  3. 7-9 MST I am in the pool thinking of you on the Minneapolis side of the course crossing the Mississippi with the vision of Summitt Avenue. Do your best, make proud choices.

  4. Why am I not surprised… Good for you! I would expect no less from dear Kat. I assume this means the foot is feeling better? Lovely, lovely, lovely. I sure do wish PT wasn’t so expensive though. But hey, there are worse things to spend money on! Good luck. I will be thinking of you on the 7th!

  5. This quote:
    “Running fills in all of my cracks. It is unselfconscious. It forces me to relinquish control, try harder and want more than rational thought dictates I should be allowed to ever dream of. It forces me to confront my true self, removes the boundary between life and living presently.” …
    I LOVE!
    I will be sending good thoughts and happy, healthy running prayers your way. Your drive and heart are always an inspiration to me!
    Cheers to you and the Twin Cities Marathon!

  6. Yay! I was wondering what your plans were… Best! Also, I’ll actually be a part of the running pack “on the ground” this time (or at least until you pass me ;)). Hope to see you out there.

  7. Hey, I am crazy enough to choose that marathon Sunday too. So, I’ll be behind you wishing you fresh feet!

  8. I’ll be spectating and tracking! See you Sunday! #runstrong

  9. Oh my gosh. Are you serious?!!? That is so extremely exciting! Good luck, good luck! And funny thing is, I could actually run this time! (Last time, it was like 3 in the morning where I was when you were running.) Wishing you the best of luck, and can’t wait for your updates! I’ll run at least three miles for you!

  10. You know I’m with you!!!! Let’s rock this bitch!

  11. Thinking of you and sending you hugs and support from Virginia! How do I become part of your Running Pack in the Sky?

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