Week two of tasting for Minnesota Beer Month with the MN Beer Activists is up!  So click on over if you want to taste through some hoppy beers from Mankato Brewing, Fulton and Flat Earth!

We got new iPhones today.


I was excited about All Of The Things, really.  But the sparkle cover REALLY caught my eye.  Because I’m nothing if not magpie-like in nature.

Marcus’ reaction to all of this was that if he knew that all I needed to be happy was a $12 bedazzled phone cover and not a new phone entirely, he would have picked one up for me ages ago.

Ladies, I think we can all agree that it’s NEVER that simple.  But glitter always goes a long way.  Or in my case, the longest way.  I can’t stop staring.  It may rival the mirror as my favorite thing to look at. 😉

Other things to note: Yes, I guess I am a white iPhone person.  I didn’t know that until Marcus called me at work and barked out Black or White? without any introduction and I was forced to make a split-second decision.  Yes, this is the equivalent of performing brain surgery in my world these days.

I Face Timed with Lindsey tonight.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done that, and the first time that we’ve ever video chatted, actually.  It was wild.  Yes, I realize it makes no sense that I waited to video chat with her until she returned to MN.  Don’t overthink it.

The front-facing camera is OUT OF CONTROL.  My biggest issue with the DROID X was that it was such a pain to try and get a steady shot if you were self-portraiting.  This is a plague no more.  I apologize in advance if you get bombarded with snaps of me.  I couldn’t even help myself if I tried.

Are you obsessed with your phone cover?

Snap-takers: What do you use to edit your photos?

Don’t forget, #BeerWeek is ON!  We have Anne’s Pumpkin Ale and Pretzel Caramels, Lauren’s Pale Ale Shrimp Po’ Boy, Madeline’s Pumpkin Beer Bread, Kirsten’s 5 Minutes with a Home Brewer and Jeanne’s Dark Chocolate Espresso Stout Cake with Caramel & Kahlua Whipped Cream.


4 responses to “Glittering

  1. I love the glitter 11/10.

  2. I got it yesterday too and I love it! Does the glitter case come in green?

  3. I couldn’t love this post more if I tried. World Peace could easily be accomplished if only Glitter covered All The Things. I thought my pink Droid case was the bees knees, but now I shall be hunting down Glitter as if it were Opening Day.

  4. I just joined the world of iPhone two weeks ago and I fell fast in love. To be truthful, I was replacing my 2004 Katana (YES! An EIGHT year old phone that served me well!) so any upgrade would have been joyous. But an iPhone?! I am in cellular heaven.

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