Happy Beer Week, party kittens!

While some members of our group are busy exercising their culinary prowess, some of us are bringing you home with us for the day.

While it’s no secret that Oktoberfest in Munich is an unrivaled celebration, we in the Twin Cities make our pilgrimage to Gasthof’s in NE Minneapolis.  I don’t even know how long they’ve been observing Oktoberfest for, but it’s somewhat of an institution ’round these parts.

If you were here in the fall, I’d definitely call you up on a Saturday afternoon so that we could figure out what time we would be meeting that night.  Because while I love a good Oktoberfest celebration, for Marcus it’s non-negotiable.

Late September rolls around and the tents go up.

Go in the afternoon and you’ll see families and strollers.  Head over past 8:00 PM and you’ll find a lot packed shoulder to shoulder with twenty and thirty somethings.

How fun for everyone.

Let’s not forget the polka band.  What is Oktoberfest for, if not to dance the dances of our ancestors?  Or to keep it folksy.

Bring your cash, exchange it for tokens, purchase a mug (or bring your own!) and fill it.  Because an empty mug is about as useful as a train with square wheels.

What’s on tap: All manner of German beer.  Oktoberfests, Dunkels, Hefeweizens and Pilsners.  Outsiders aren’t welcome here.  Some may consider mixed drinks, but if your mug is filled with a cocktail, I probably don’t know you.

And just like that, all the mugs are full.

Drink, chat, repeat.

It’s the easiest way to ease into the cooler weather.  Those Germans, they were onto something. 😉

Do you have any Oktoberfest celebrations in your city?

What else to look for: Madeline’s Pumpkin Beer Bread, Kirsten’s 5 Minutes with a Home Brewer and Jeanne’s Dark Chocolate Espresso Stout Cake with Caramel & Kahlua Whipped Cream.


10 responses to “Prost!

  1. FACT: We are Oktoberfest-ing together someday. This is NOT negotiable. We have some Oktoberfests here in the Valley, but they aren’t that super. The one in Tempe is too filled with college students and non-German beers/festivities. Call me a purist. Or a snob. You’re right on both counts. There is one here in Chandler this coming weekend that we might try to hit, although we have a 1YO’s birthday party that we’re also called to. But you know me – give me the beer.
    My one question – does Gasthof’s have Radlers? Because really…

  2. I must be one of those defective people that just doesn’t much care for beer. But I do love a good party! And a good cocktail or glass of wine! And tent parties are pretty much my favorite, so I think that means I am Oktoberfesting in spirit.

  3. I don’t drink but worked in the restaurant business for years. Every fall when the pumpkin ale came out people went nuts. We also had a cider ale that I am told was quite good.

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  5. You are my favorite! German beer, check. Brats, check. Polka band, check, check! Great post, Kat!

  6. This looks really fun, it looks like good times had by all!!!! I was catching up on your posts and I am so impressed with your cooking. You make the best stuff. I have a stack of recipes piling up from your Friday Food Round Up. I just need a tad more sleep and then I will get on that…..:) Take great care,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  7. Fact: it is completely impossible not to have a good time if a Polka band is involved and the taps are flowing. My first ever Heifeweisen was at a teeny-tiny bar in the U.P. with an All-Polka jukebox, and a jovial “regular” patron that didn’t go home that night until he’d heard “Roll Out the Barrel” 172 times, and gotten the entire bar (all 10 of us) to sing it with him.

  8. Hi Kat! It looks like you had a wonderful time at your Oktoberfest! Our community holds one on a much smaller scale and not anywhere near the selection of beer that you’ve described! You are right…this is a GREAT way to ease into the cooler weather! I really enjoyed reading your post! Cheers! : )

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