This Weekend

What did I do this weekend?

Friday: Drove Up North to the cabin.  Had Zorbaz’ Mexican Pizza for dinner and a couple of fantastic beers.  Slept eight hours straight.  It was a revelation.

Saturday: Ran.  Ate leftover pizza for breakfast.  Happiest morning.  Had a phenomenal slice of Coconut Cream Pie for lunch.  Walked around in the bitter cold wearing a swimsuit and a sweatshirt while we took the dock out.  Drove back to the cities.  Went to a birthday party tailgate.  Dropped by Gasthof’s for Oktoberfest.  Dined and drank at the Bulldog.


Today, besides a bike ride, The Plan was to go shopping with Jenna to finalize her outfits/accessories for her Bat Mitzvah in two weeks.

Since Michelle and Jacki took her to Eden Prairie Center the first time, this go-round we set off for the Mall of America.

Despite the fact that the MOA is in our great state of 10,000 lakes, I (and most Minnesotans) go years between trips there.  Yes, you can buy everything there, but since we have indoor malls everywhere with the same general assortment of stores, there really isn’t a reason to go there, ever.

Unless, of course, you need all of the stores AT ONCE.

Or you want to do some serious people watching while trying to find parking spots in ramps where everyone else has abandoned any driving skills they may have once had, in addition to all reason.

But what I’m going to tell you about isn’t the fact that we bought clothes and shoes and all manner of lady-things.  Or that someone with a Baby On Board sticker in the back of their minivan tried to run us off the road as we were exiting The Scene.

No no.

It’s about Chipotle.

See, after making the executive decision that we should hold off on lunch eating until jeans-buying was done (probably the most inspired move of the day) we had to figure out where we wanted to eat (ideally fresh, not too processed, inexpensive, fast).

And when I suggested Chipotle, Jenna chirped, I have never been there before!


In 2012?!

So when we finally got to the hallowed, corrugated metal shrine to Americanized Mexican food, I had to do some documenting.

Jacki, Michelle and Jenna.

I skipped the rice all together this time and didn’t miss it, really.  See also: Today was my graduation day to The Really Spicy Salsa.

And the lady of the moment, with her meal.

Can’t go wrong when you get a Chicken Burrito with Guacamole, right?

What’s your go-to order at Chipotle?


7 responses to “This Weekend

  1. No Chipotle where I live, so I have never been either…

  2. My boyfriend has never had Chipotle. Thankfully one is opening in our town so I can save his poor soul.

    Usual order? Chicken tacos or a salad of some type.

  3. Chipotle is alright, but I don’t think it’s that awe-inspiring. Dunno. But I will say a burrito bowl or a burrito are pretty tasty.

  4. Burrito bowl with steak or chicken, pico de gallo and the res salsa no cheese or sour cream…..Yum!

  5. A) Love NE Bulldog. B) Agree 100% about the MOA. C) You have shown Jenna The Enlightenment that is Chipotle. 😉

  6. Now I am going to be thinking about coconut cream pie obsessively for the rest of the day. Possibly for the rest of the week. Oh dear.

  7. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to Chipotle, either. We don’t have one on my end of the 45th, but we have not one, but TWO Qdobas within 3 miles of each other. Although, I haven’t eaten there, either. But it’s on my “fast but doesn’t relegate the kids to chicken tenders/fries” list, so I’ll have to remedy the situation.

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