Being Impulsive: Round One

Bienvenue à Round One of Being Impulsive.

A few weeks ago, Marcus was informed that he was being sent to Montreal on business.

For those members of the group who are unfamiliar, Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world.

I speak French.

And by that, I mean the wholly functional, incredibly bad variety where I can say directions and points of the compass, order food (and ask for the check), source a bathroom and tell people we’re going places.  Oh, and I know how to ask where the library and the disco are.

So like any good french student who suffered through years of role-plays set in either Quebec or Senegal, I told him I was going too.

Because WHY NOT?

Actually, it was pretty much the perfect storm.  My boss was extremely flexible in letting me take an unplanned for day-off, I had birthday money for hotel rooms, and we were able to purchase a round-trip ticket with miles.

Do we know anything about the city besides the fact that it’s like France in Canada?  Absolutely not.  Have I been to Canada before?  No, never.

What I do know: On Friday morning, I will be eating a freshly baked croissant for breakfast.  We’re going to go to museums.  Where we will see Old Things.  Did I mention that the St. Lawrence Seaway is there?  Because seeing that in Real Life has been a secret dream of mine too.

But for today I ran past the bank to grab $200 CAD (the dollar is just shit right now), thanked my lucky stars that Marcus brought this trip up literally days before I was meant to get my passport renewed (so I still have the thing) and started packing!

Have any of you ever been?  If so, I need to know your favorite places to visit!  ASAP.


5 responses to “Being Impulsive: Round One

  1. I loved it in the dead of winter so I assume it’s better during the summer! Martha loves poutine, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about. St. Catherine Street, Old Town, and either Fairmount or St Viateur bagels. They are unlike any other bagel you’ve ever had, but terrific in their own way. In fact, one of those places (I think Fairmount?) exports Saturday shipments to Brooklyn, they are so much in demand in the States.

  2. Definitely hit up Old Montreal. There’s just so much to see around there!

    Underground City is a cool spot to go shopping especially if the weather outside isn’t cooperating.

  3. Go to Boris Bistro!!!!! Most romantic patio in history!

  4. Leslie Ribnick

    Kat! So funny that you write this now! I actually lived in Montreal for 4 years and I am so jealous you get to go! First, you MUST MUST MUST eat at Chez Cora. I cannot express enough how important that is! When are you going and how long will you be there? I would love to give you ideas!

    It was so great to see you last night!
    Leslie (Ribnick)

  5. My mom is from Montreal (and I am from Toronto) so I am well-versed in Canada. And of course I LOVE it! Montreal is gorgeous, a little dose of Paris a whole lot closer to the USA.

    Please make sure you have bagels for me. Lots of bagels! At St. Viateur. Amazing.

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