The Feet of a Newborn

I actioned a new header today during nap hour, so if you have strong feelings about it either way, please feel free to share in the comments!

Last week I told Eric (for those of you who are new to the group, he’s my PT) that we would be taking a week off so I could escape on vacation.

Following this line of logic, he decided that we should go all-out and action two Cyborg Band Aids instead of just one.

I could barely stand the thrill of it all.

Truth be told, we probably should have started patching on my shin a long time ago.  You know, since tendonitis often strikes because of issues further up the leg.  Or something like that.

Anyway, we did it.  And my foot has felt sparkier than ever.

Which wasn’t a big deal for the majority of last week.  I followed my cycling plan, and on Sunday I logged a whopping 54 miles.  Who knew I had it in me, right?

But back to this sparky-paw of mine.  It needed testing.

So I ran for five minutes today during my power walk.  I’ll reserve judgment on whether or not I’m going to take a slightly longer run tomorrow until…tomorrow.  Because I could wake up in the morning and feel FANTASTIC or I could wake up in the morning and find myself dealing with an unacceptable level of pain.

Which is to say that if I’m in pain at all, it is unacceptable.  I’m okay with that.  It’s just part and parcel of what I’m dealing with and it’s very apparent at this point that I am NOT in charge.

But since we all need a little laugh, I will readily admit that those five minutes of running?  Left me with blisters on my toes in all sorts of places that I have never gotten blisters before.

Feet of a newborn pup, right here.

Have you ever gotten any exceptionally horrific blisters?

p.s. It’s Crepe Week!  What does that even mean?!  That today Kirsten is showing off her Tuscan Crepes and Megan has actioned Mixed Berry Grand Marnier Crepes.  Did I mention that Kirsten is giving away a copy of Baking Illustrated and that Megan is giving away a copy of The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook?  Because they are!  So GET GOING.


4 responses to “The Feet of a Newborn

  1. Hey Kat! Glad your run felt okay today – minus the awful blisters! Good luck!! Awesome job on the 54 mile bike ride!!

    Nice seeing you this past weekend! Thanks for the tendonitis advice; I’m feeling pretty good myself today! Will attempt a 3 mile tomorrow! 🙂

  2. How weird it is to start running again after a break, getting all sorts of weird blisters. Hope your foot feels alright tomorrow.
    When I first started running, I got a blister that pretty much covered the ball of my foot. ‘Twas not pretty.

  3. I had this one pair of Adidas shoes that would always blister my feet. Turns out it was the combination of those those shoes and the socks I was wearing. Better socks resulted in no blisters. I now only wear those shoes on the treadmill though.

    Happy Healing.

    I like the header, but it might have slown down how fast your page loaded. We’ll see. Peace!

  4. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I am going to rejoice in my runs this week… And feel grateful!

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