Indeed Brewing: The Tap Room

We can all take a moment to try to figure out why I’m terrible at taking snaps of brewery chalk boards later.

Indeed Brewing opened their beer palace tap room yesterday, making it the third tap room in the City of Minneapolis, as well as allegedly kicking off the new “Brew District” in Northeast.  Though after a lot of soul-searching I can’t decide if the Brew District is going to end up being a real thing or a name that people try to ram down the drinking public’s throats.

That’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, since Indeed had more time than anyone else (or at least decided to take more time than the three tap rooms that opened in the last six months or so) it really is kind of a beer palace.


The interior design really respects the type of space they took over (It’s Northeast!  Everything is sort of a warehouse!).  It’s apparent that they spent a bit of extra time/money to ensure that their chairs/booths/bar encourage you to grab a seat and stay there.  This is an understandable ploy.  I don’t mind the hastily arranged feel of the other tap rooms at all, but this design decision will likely end up being their calling card.

I think they had something like 1,300 people stop in yesterday which is nothing short of prolific.  As evidence of the fact that all the right people were there (besides the obvious fact that we went with a group of friends), Joey and I finally got to drink a pint and talk all things running and beer.  If that’s not The Universe at work, I do not know what is.

They have two beers on tap (and cask): Day Tripper and Midnight Ryder.  We started with the Day Tripper and then moved onto the Midnight Ryder from there.

Another pro: the space is designed to let profane amounts of natural light in.  Though no amount of natural light will help you when you look paunchy and tired.  There are some days where makeup cannot and will not bring resolution to a situation.

Anyway, back to the beers.  The Day Tripper was…fine.  The Midnight Ryder was better than that.  Both are totally serviceable pours, but I’m never going to find myself struck with a craving for either of them.

If I were to come back here it would be because I wanted the ambience of the interior/patio or because I was craving the food truck they were hosting that evening.  Or because it’s practically within walking distance of El Taco Riendo.  Three things that require me to leave my house and the safety of the suburbs.

That I already know that El Taco Riendo-related fact should come as no surprise since we definitely ended up their for dinner again.

Once more we spread the chorizo-laden love by bringing friends that have never been.  Paying-it-forward of the highest degree.

These are my priorities, people.

What’s your favorite cheap/go-to dinner place?


4 responses to “Indeed Brewing: The Tap Room

  1. WOO! I’m so excited about this place! I will be commissioning my coworkers to do a happy hour and/or mid day hour this week! Also, WHERE IS EL TACO RIENDO?! I had no idea it was back there! I must remedy this.

    • Who am I kidding, I just went to the Googles to figure it out. I drive by that place every. single. day. How did I never notice?! This will be happening this week for reals. Have you ever had Rusty Taco? I just noticed they’re putting a restaurant in on Central in NE too, where the old Wilde Roast is (near the Aveda Institute). You are my taco scholar. Teach me, wise one.

  2. Wait, if this is you looking “paunchy” and “tired” I think I’d scare the living daylights out of you right now. Lack of sleep and food is not good for me, no matter what lighting I’m in!! You look fabulous, as always.

    Hope you are having a great weekend Kat!!

  3. PS: I’m eating $8 sushi from Whole Foods right now…I think we know my go-to place for cheap food…..

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