A Shower for Megan…

Our Megan is getting married to the love of her life and since we can’t be there to celebrate with her in the flesh, we celebrate here, potluck style.

I feel like a good bar is an essential staple of any bridal shower dessert arrangement, so I opted to action Courtenay’s Good For You Bars (make sure to click there for the recipe!).

Why they’re good for you: Courtenay got the recipe from a real, live medical doctor.  They have peanuts and peanut butter so they’re loaded with protein (duh).  Runners eat them like starved wolves.

See?  Good for you.

Now.  Let’s get ready to Bake With Kat In The Name Of Happily Ever After!

The ingredients:

First you’ll make the base.

You may have to get in there with your hands (I definitely did), so just be prepared for that inevitable moment.

Take this.

And make it into this, using your mitts once more.  I don’t usually take my rings off to bake, but this whole process from start to finish is a situation where you’ll probably want to if you’re a ring-wearer.

Bake it up just to let all of the meltable-type things (peanut butter, brown sugar, corn syrup) play nicely together to make a solid base.

Meanwhile, address the peanut situation.

I feel like every time I try to chop nuts it turns into a debacle where I’m finding tiny chunks of pecan weeks later.  So this time I just took a rolling-pin to the bag that the peanuts were in.


Melt the good stuff down.  Resist the urge to go in there with a spoon.  Or your head.

And then stir said peanuts in when the time is right.

Finally, you’ll spread the butterscotch-chocolate-peanut butter-peanut mixture over the base.

Try to focus on getting it all into the pan and not on how much you’ll get to lick out of the bowl if you don’t get it all into the pan.

Pro tip: If you have leftover chopped peanuts, you might want to dump those in while you’re licking the bowl.  A friend told me it’s probably a good idea.

The bars will go into the fridge until they set, though far be it from me to stop you from eating them as an oat-y/chocolate-y/peanut butter-y mess.  So for all of the patience you didn’t have to use actioning these, you will need to use those reserves now.

But I think this is worth it, no?

For the recipe, click here.

And please continue in our celebration of Megan!

Heather’s Deviled Eggs Three Ways
Gina’s Cheesy Edamame Crostini
Kirsten’s Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Puffs
Tina’s Easy Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups
Rachel’s Sausage & Red Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms
Allison’s Retro Cheese Cookies

Laurie’s Blueberry Lemonade Spritzers
Cassie’s Lemon-Berry Granita with Balsamic & Basil

Michelle’s Fresh Melon & Crispy Prosciutto Salad
Jeanne’s Greek Salmon Wraps

Julie’s Mini Cherry Pies
Lauren’s Summer Strawberry Jello Pie
KimBee’s Red Velvet Ice Cream Cupcakes
Madelyn’s Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
Kathryn’s Eton Mess Shooters

What food do you look forward to the most at showers?


23 responses to “A Shower for Megan…

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  2. All my favorite things in one bar!

  3. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a shower! I think I look forward to just about anything… things I won’t make for myself because there’d be too many leftovers, perhaps. And I must make a batch of those Runner Bars. Yes, I just renamed them to make them sound even more like I should have them because they are Good For Me.

  4. Wow. Just wow. I can’t decide if these are really good for you in a health-related way, or if they’re good for you in a ‘soothes the savage beast’ kind of way. Either way, I’m all in. They sound divine. And I’m guessing anyone with a peanut allergy could substitute Biscoff or Sunbutter and still pull this off. Which might just make these The Perfect Bar. Why, oh why, couldn’t we all be in the same room for this shower? I die.

  5. A virtual bridal shower? What a cool idea! So fun!
    And that bar?? WOW. So yummy looking! Love your step by step pics :]

  6. These are gorgeous and I am all for anything you can eat like a starved wolf. That made me giggle. I’m going to print this off and give it to my sis in law who runs ironman races. I think this would have been such a fun shower to throw in person. We all would have had a blast together.

  7. That bar is SO happening at my house with Sunbutter & toasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds. Hello, afternoon snack.

  8. Oh man – if this is what a runner’s diet can conceivable consist of I’m so becoming a runner. Or a really-hard-work-outer so I can justify all the calories, (healthy) fat and chocolate these contain. MY WORLD for a Good for Me Bar!!

    Thank you so much Kat. You and the girls just give me a permasmile. My face hurts from all the love. XOXOO!!

  9. I agree with Megan; these bars make me want to become a runner. Yum. If I add peanuts to all my cookies and bars, I’m assuming that makes those healthy too, right?

  10. These bars are amazing! If this is what runners eat, then who am I to turn them down! Love these for the shower!

  11. love that these bars are good for you! i will eat the whole pan, thank you very much!! thanks for participating 🙂 xo

  12. bakedbyrachel

    I’m always game for a bar dessert! It’s like a cookie but even better.

  13. I love these! Definitely would have no self control with a pan of these bars. So glad we surprised Megan!

  14. heatherscholten

    I sweet heavens. GOOD FOR ME? Bring it on. YUM!!

  15. Ah, you ladies are so sweet! Nothing beats a wedding! Except maybe an online shower!

  16. I’m pretty sure I saw that same pro tip in a cookbook or on The Interwebz once, so I’m sure it’s true. Protein and all that.
    This looks tasty. I have a feeling these might become some recovery bars very soon. Like now.

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  18. Great addition for the shower. These looks so super delicious!

  19. Mmm wow do these bars look tasty! Great combo- they are definitely something I’ll have to wip up sometime!

  20. How do i not eat the entire pan??? 😉

  21. A perfect mixture of sweet and salty and delicious. These are such a great contribution to the party!

  22. Oats, peanut butter, chocolate and nuts? Say no more, I’ll make these ASAP.

  23. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I need to try this recipe. Who doesn’t want sweet and salty?!

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