This morning, as I was pulling out of our garage and heading over to my parents’ place for some quality time with the bike, I discovered that our flock had returned.  Naturally some photo documentation was needed.

And by the time I was making my way home, I received a text from Marcus documenting their use of The Water Feature.  That he would see Our Geese and think to action a brief photo safari is exactly how I know that I married the right man.

They were busy channeling a flotilla.  Look.

I think it’s 100% safe to say that we have been in a word, overrun.

Last but not least, we’re wrapping up Cocktail week.  So select your sip of choice with Megan’s Raging Aztec Frappe, Allison’s Peach Pie Prosecco “Palmer”, Carrie’s Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins,  Kirsten’s Traverse City Cherry Mojitos, Lauren’s Paloma, Katie’s Watermelon Mojo, Allison’s Radler, Madelyn’s Peach Bellini , Madeline’s Blueberry Smash, Allison’s Sgroppino, Jeanne’s Cherry Amaretto Granita, Megan’s Lavender Blueberry Lemonade, Carrie’s Grown-Up Funfetti Milkshake and because everything is bigger and better in Texas, Jeanne’s Raspberry Mojitos.

p.s. Head on over to Megan’s blog to enter her giveaway for a real, live KitchenAid blender!  It’s the last day to enter, so the time is now.  Literally.


2 responses to “Flocking

  1. Gosh, once they’ve gotten bigger it makes it seem like there are ten times the geese. Hopefully they are nice geese.

  2. So. Many. Geese. Wow.
    And the fact that Marcus grabbed the camera? Awesome. Good man, good man.

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