Gearing Up

We could spend today sulking about running, but since I won’t know what the timeline for getting on my feet could possibly be until this week’s therapy session (we need to see if my foot responds to the therapy), there’s really no point.

We turn our minds elsewhere.

Since hopping off of the treadmill and onto the bike/yoga mat exclusively, I’ve bought a few things to (1) Make me feel cute (2) Motivate me to keep moving.

And I realized that even though I talk about fitness all the time, I NEVER show y’all what I spend my time in.  Who would have thought, right?

A few notes to keep us firmly chained to reality: When I run outside, I run fully clothed (tank and tights).  And wherever I run, I wear two extremely unattractive (yet functional!) industrial black sports bras to keep these puppies strapped down.

If I’m not outside and/or running, then I have the luxury of practicing yoga in my basement or riding the bike at my parents’ place.  So it’s not like I have to take “my look” on public parade ever.

Self-consciousness = Not a part of my vocabulary.

All of the top-bits are from Target (I really do love C9 by Champion) and the bottom bits are from Victoria’s Secret (If you couldn’t tell from the hair/thrusting/prancing).

While I have yet to see how long the pants will last me (these are my first new yoga pants in over a year), I can truly say that I’ve logged thousands of miles in Champion tops and bottoms.  It’s cute, but more importantly the quality is there.

They used to lack somewhat in the variety department but over the last year the activewear section has gone from full to bursting.

Plus, when you’re in Minnesota there’s probably a Target no farther than a stone’s throw away, which kind of idiot-proofs the emergency sourcing of More Gear.  Or hoarding.  I’ll let you decide what you want to forever-call it.

Where does your favorite workout gear come from?

p.s. Cocktail Week begins!  So cool down with Allison’s Peach Pie Prosecco “Palmer” and Carrie’s Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins.  If you’re in the mood for a KitchenAid Blender Giveaway and one of Megan’s Raging Aztec Frappes, then head on over there!


10 responses to “Gearing Up

  1. The few workout pieces I have all come from Target, even before I became employed there. Lately I have been eyeing C9 running skirts, but I have a while to go until I am comfortable putting those on.

  2. I love workout clothes from Target! My favorite are the tank tops. I also venture to LuluLemon, REI, Patagonia or Uncle Nordies.

    P.S. Yay for Cocktail WEEK!

  3. I love the yoga pants from the Target (Tar-zhay) Boutique. My only complaint is that it’s too hot right now to wear the ones I have. However, I have a bonus check coming to me the end of this week, and I do need some hot weather cross training gear.
    I am VERY picky about sports bras. They have to have underwires. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern don’t roll without underwires. The only place I have honestly found a sports bra to my liking was Kohl’s a few years back (that’s a bit of horrifying news I should probably keep to myself). Fun fact – they are basically the only thing at Kohl’s that are never on sale.
    I really want an argyle running skirt. We’ll have to see what happens. SInce I’m really about Looking the Look out on the course.

  4. I’m a huge Target fan – and Costco. I’ve requisitioned myself two pairs of the Kirkland Signature yoga capris (in gray and in black). They sit a little high on my waist, which is fine with me since I am constantly paranoid about bending over and letting anything that shouldn’t see the light of day do said “light of day seeing”. Between Target and Costco – I’m all set.

  5. Ooo! Great post. I’ve been getting most of my workout bottoms at Kohl’s and have been pleased. However, a t-shirt at yoga class doesn’t quite cut it when it’s hanging in your face. I need something a little tighter, but still flattering. Thanks for reminding me about C9. I’ve heard of them before and have never checked them out. Off to Target during lunch today!

  6. Most of it comes from Target, too! Although I sometimes splurge on UA or something… if there is a sale. Ha!

  7. I love the Champion stuff at Target…I still have a pair of shorts from there that are more than 8 years old! Amazing.

    But for the workout clothes I don’t workout in (I’m sure you know what I mean here) I LOVE Hard Tail’s stuff. We have an entire store here and it is fantastic. Pricey but worth it.

  8. Huh. I ought to check Target for workout clothes, everyone seems to love it. I like Nike running shorts, but Addidas (sp?) sports bras/capris. I’ve had family work for both of those companies, but if I didn’t I don’t think I’d buy those brands. Employee discounts, ya know?

  9. Target C9 bras are the only ones I wear….so comfy!

    I also have some compression capris from Old Navy that I snagged for $11 and I LOVE them. I don’t think that they are ‘true’ compression, but they are comfy none the less!

  10. I know I’m late to the party on this post but I had to chime in… I LOVE LOVE LOVE the C9 sports bras!! I also have to wear double when I’m doing something like running or spin class. And these puppies never jiggle which is! I also love the C9 tops and I’m on the Old Navy compression capri trend also. I have tons of pairs and they are awesome.

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