By the Numbers…

Today is definitely one of those posts that’s sort of for you, but is also really for me so that when I try to remember what, specifically I did, I’ll be able to flip back to this point and remember.

But first, a funny.  Non-runners may be surprised to learn that people wear clothes OVER their racing outfits to the start line to stay warm.  I’ve had some pretty sweet get-ups in the past year including an extremely fluffy yellow scarf and a purple zippered hoodie that was emblazoned with “Bad Girls Of The North.”  But these get-ups were totally unplanned, since I usually leave these things to the last-minute and then force Marcus out to the thrift shop to find something.

This go round, I used Foresight and put Mom on a mission months ago to find The Right Garment for Grandma’s.  Because Any Old Thing just wouldn’t do.

Ironically it came from a neighborhood garage sale just around the block.

Kittens, I give you…THIS.

And in case you are wondering, why yes, that is hand-sewn button detailing on the neck line.

Is it possible for anyone else to come to the start line cloaked in raiment more festive than mine?

Absolutely not.

The Training

By the numbers, what I accomplished from February 13th (go-day) to now:

  • 496.65 miles run.
  • 294.88 miles biked.
  • 1690 minutes of yoga practiced.

I am confident in saying that I could not have given any more than this.

The Eating AKA The Carb Loading

Before Twin Cities, I didn’t really do it, largely because I didn’t know I was running until the week of, when I successfully nailed down nine miles on my treadmill.  That being said, the race was the day after Rosh Hashanah had ended and the night prior to was a baby shower for my cousin.  So I basically just celebrated Rosh Hashanah enthusiastically and like…took seconds.  Translation: I snarfed down turkey, brisket, a borderline-inappropriate amount of challah and some enchiladas.

This go round, I’ve had the chance to actually think about this for more than 10 seconds and what I managed to come to is that I would feel a whole hell of a lot better physically and emotionally if I tried to eat unprocessed/natural/from scratch foods for the entirety of the week (cutting out salads and fibrous vegetables after Wednesday).  Which translated into me buying a ton of fruit (cherries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, peaches) and cooking for four hungry humans instead of two.  The only downside to going wild with the fruit and veggies is that I’ve very much felt like I’m eating CONSTANTLY.  The upside is that I haven’t been retaining water or left feeling sluggish.

Last note: Even though I try to fight it, African food, a few beers and some FroYo/Ice Cream is really the way to go.  Yes, I fully acknowledge that I am the only runner for whom this combination works for.  But for me?  Oh, how it works.

Runner Tracking

Last but not least, some of you may actually want to know how I’m progressing down the course on race day.  Actually, I registered for it too, specifically because I want my chip time as soon as I cross the finish line.

Runner Tracking – Grandma’s Marathon

And because we all want to know…

Running Pack in The Sky Roll-Call

Because on marathon morning, ain’t nobody running alone.


8:00 – 9:00

9:00 – 10:00

10:00 – 11:00

Running With Me (AKA ~9:45 – Finish)

Running in The Morning/In Solidarity

If you still want to join-up, it’s not too late to put your name in!

Runners: Best toss garments you’ve seen?


18 responses to “By the Numbers…

  1. I’ll be Ellipticalling right there with you mad woman!! I luvaya and am totally going to be cheering so loud for you – even from here in Seattle, on an elliptical. Cause that’s how I roll/run/stroll/stride.

    Running (Ellipticalling) Pack in the Sky . XO!

    You’re going to own that thing!

  2. Rock on woman! I am so proud of you!

    I will be rocking the Running/Striding/Ellipticalling Pack in the Sky with you in the morning – cheering loudly and getting odd looks at the gym.

    You’re going to own that thing, I just know it!

  3. My 8am is your 10am. I’ll run with you, my sweet friend. I know I can’t last an hour, but I’ll be thinking of you when I’m pouring sweat after a mile (hopefully I can make it 2). Love you! Fly like the wind!

  4. Agh! Put me in for 10:00 to 11:00 – I’ll imagine I’m in beautiful Duluth and not trotting around the torn-up track at Fridley High School…

  5. i’ll be there!!

  6. That is one sweet…bathrobe? Good luck this weekend. I’m sure the training will pay off.

  7. Dangit. Now I want African food. And challah.

    Good luck this weekend!! Hoping for a pain-free, joyful run. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  8. I’m slightly tempted to head to the start line to snag your robe. It seems like the type of garment a future cat lady should own. Can’t wait to see you out there!

  9. Love your throw away garment… and I’ll be stealing the idea of thrift store searching for throw away options in October.

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  11. It has been such a pleasure to follow along with your marathon journey virtually. I know that you are going to go out there and run a race to be proud of. I am cheering you on from my corner of the world….
    Go get ’em girl!

  12. Girlfriend!! Add me to the Running Pack in the Sky! I’ll be running Ragnar today & tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you! 🙂

    Good luck! Run fast! Pass lots of boys! 😉

  13. Whoo-hoo! Running Pack in The Sky! Tomorrow is going to be an 11/10 fo’sure. P.S. Love the cover up. I spy a new running trend.

  14. Ooooh. I was just thinking about your race earlier this morning. So excited for you that I am almost giddy. I love that your family members go thirfting for you. Now that is love. Mine would never. Run girl run!

  15. I’ve done zero minutes of yoga this year and plan to stick with it. I love your frock, there is nothing worse than being cold so I say do/wear whatever it takes.

  16. Done and Done. Honored to be a part of your 2nd marathon tomorrow!!!

  17. Thrilled for you to run! And BEST TOSS SHIRT EVER!!!!!

  18. Good Luck! I’ll be thinking of you when I’m out with my running group at 8!

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