19 Goslings

Today was a weird and wonderful potpourri of bridal showering, napping and beer-ing.

My life = So hard.  I know.

Which brings us to the real issue at-hand.

When I saw these geese last week, they had 11 babies.

It was a little bit earlier than normal, but you know, a welcome sight.


Today they had 19.  Goslings.

We are talking a tiny hoard of downy feathers here, kittens.

How does that even happen?

How many baby critters have you ever seen in one pack?

Do you have resident flocks?


6 responses to “19 Goslings

  1. Am I the first to comment? I feel so honored, I must say… 🙂 We had baby birds hatch in our bush in the backyard, but the mom abandoned the nest. How’s that for a homeschooling lesson on the circle /cruelties/ of life? So sad really, but it really is life in the animal life sometimes.

    This picture is precious. So cute, my kids will want to see it. I loved your food round up as usual too. I want to come over and try it and just have you cook for me. Is that too much to ask, ya know because I’m pregnant and all? 🙂 Take care,


  2. How cute! Not much going on with the cute animals over here, but there are little families of ducks from time to time.

  3. Bridal showering is hard work. I went to one today and not only did I have to put on a DRESS but I had to make my hair presentable. The entire time I was wishing I was in my sweats.

    Too cute. Really. And I don’t use the word “cute” lightly.

  4. Ah, I love baby animals. Baby birds are the cutest. My heart breaks they’re so cute. I should have been a vet…

  5. How freaking adorable. I love goslings, but not so much geese. Whenever we take a stroll around our neighborhood pond, the geese get very aggressive and bossy. One hissed at me for merely taking a photo of it’s baby, so that was the end of that.

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