A Little Bit of Rest

Can we just talk about tonight, kittens?

Because it has been wonderful.

I did some intensive workshopping with Galina at the Whole Foods Salad Bar.  I have not been in forever, so it was necessary.

Plus, Galina is The Friend who understands my deep and unabiding love of roasted garlic.  That they sell it already roasted there, ready and for the picking is just…beyond.

And then I came home, cracked open a beer in honor of American Craft Beer Week and watched Weight of the Nation (Part I: Consequences and Part II: Choices).

Why, yes.  I do have a yen for documentaries about public health, obesity, nutrition and food production.  Funny you should ask.

As I sat curled up on the couch, I started trying to figure out when the last time I had the time to sit and watch a few hours of TV by myself was.

Looking back on The Blog, it looks like it was April.  At least.

We can all ask the obvious question of spring, Where did the time go? but we all know that question doesn’t have an answer.

Don’t get me wrong, the last month has been absolutely wonderful and beyond full of friends, family and adventuring.

But tonight, it was really nice to have a little bit of rest.

How much “me time” do you get every week?


11 responses to “A Little Bit of Rest

  1. I get about 1 to 2 hours each weekend morning between the time I wake up and the time rest of the family wakes.

    Time flys. To quote an old Grateful Dead song, “all the years combine. They melt into a dream”.

  2. I love nights like that…

  3. I get a little me time around 8:30 pm when Maya is finally in bed and Ali is occupied with his computer. But then I inevitably fall asleep around 9 pm on the couch…so I guess the answer is yes and no.

    Whole Foods salad bar is SO necessary. It’s one of my favorite places to go!!

  4. I must be an incredibly selfish person because I am all about the Me time. I love it when Husband passes out in front of the tv early around 7:00 or 8:00…gives me a few hours of peace and quiet all to myself almost every night. Joy.

  5. julia @ pain, pride and perseverance

    ahhh! i totally know what you mean about me time. sometimes i feel like my life is just “go go go” all the time so those rare moments where i realize i can just sit and just enjoy some quiet moments alone…they are perfect and relaxing! glad you got some good “me” time last night!

  6. Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

    We JUST had WF Salad Bar when Ash was here. 1 month ago. But apparently, that is WAY TOO LONG for you to remember. LOL. 🙂

  7. 1. Whole Foods salad bar is the “new” fast food. 2. I finally watched TV by myself last night for first time in ages too. Did you happen to see the end of Game of Thrones? Wait. Do you watch it? It was crazy-town! 3. Cheers to relaxing!

  8. Being a stay at home I went from me time being so rare, to now having tons of it. I stay busy with the house and my calling at church but it is so nice to grocery shop without ‘help’. I consider grocery shopping and cleaning me time because I really do enjoy making my house a home.

  9. My me time is usually before class, but I get a lot of me time depending on the day. The thing is, sometimes the time like you said is gone quickly. When you have a whole free day one day and a crammed day the next, someitmes you just have a hard time planning things out.

  10. It’s American Craft Beer Week? How did I miss that!?

  11. Me time? I’m not sure I remember that…wait. Besides my runs, I try to carve out an hour or two (not in a row) each week for proper maintenance of mitts & paws.

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