Day 33

Warning: This is definitely The One Where I Ramble.  Buckle-up.  Or consider this your chance to jump-ship for the day.

Last Wednesday, having given my right paw a pretty solid two weeks’ rest (there was improvement but not progress), I decided to turn myself into Tria, which is The Orthopaedic Mecca in the Twin Cities.

Progress or lack thereof aside, I was about to lose my mind if I had to spend another week on the bike in my parents’ basement while the sun was shining outside.

If nothing else, the past three weeks have revealed to me that I have absolutely no desire to ever participate in any sort of triathlon or endurance biking competition.  So I guess there’s that.

Anyway, apparently I was making up for lost time and dollars not spent on running-related injuries in the past two years because over the course of 3.5 hours, I had an appointment, XRays, a vicious first sports massage and physical therapy.


What I came away with:

  • I do have Peroneal Tendonitis.  Google FTW.
  • Brady’s non-scientific test of If you can walk in heels, you probably don’t have a stress fracture still stands.
  • I have no mobility in my calf muscles and limited mobility in my right foot.
  • I have no glutes.  At all.

I will leave you all to take over the job of puzzling over how I have physically managed to run for the past few months.  I just can’t do it anymore.

To give you an idea of just how much of a mess my legs were are, I have 27 minutes of calf stretching alone.

More mystically, through all of this the physical therapist and the doctor were perfectly clear that I could run whenever I wanted to.

Um, WTH?  Is that some sort of sick joke?

If you’re  runner than you know that unless you’re given a “hard” no, you’ll probably be willing to run on anything until there’s bone sticking out of your skin.

And even then, you still might give it a go.

Anyway, in not so many words, I decided to give my tendons and legs (as it were) a little more time.

Today at work I was practically jumping out of my skin.  In case you were wondering what I look like during a taper/rest, I don’t need to find lots of things and hobbies to take up the “extra” time that running has left me.

I just need something to take the edge off.

Yes, I realize that “taking the edge off” of anything makes me sound like some sort of junkie.  But that is neither here nor there.

Or we can just admit that runners are addicts.

The situation was not improved by one co-worker observing me mid-stretch and saying that he didn’t think it looked like I would make it to the starting line.


Is what I didn’t say to him after he uttered those deeply offensive words.

But that did pretty much confirm that I needed to get out.  You know, because the sunny 87 degrees we had here today hadn’t already sold me.

Did I mention how much I’ve missed my daily dose of Vitamin D?

So much missing.

I wish I were lying when I said that as I put on my shoes, I was chanting We Are Through With This to myself repeatedly.

But I walked out the door, adopted Hannah’s favorite quote as my new mantra and basically begged God for a good run.

What’s really hard right now is that in order for me to be successful as a runner (AKA pain-free) is that I need to extremely conscious of every footfall.  Since there are 2,000 steps in a mile, that gives you an idea of how much vigilance we’re talking about here.

By the time we got to step 5,500, I was practically dancing down the sidewalk.  I don’t know that there has ever been a happier runner

Well, actually I do.

Today is day 33.


14 responses to “Day 33

  1. Wow! Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of learning opportunities until then.

    I’ve had a little bit of tightness along my IT bands and I can feel it starting to affect my left knee. I shut it down for about 5 days. Hard but necessary.

    All the best to you.

  2. So many truisms here.. I’m not even sure how to comment. I will say my less than great feeling legs of late have kept me to other forms of cardio and I’m just not as in love.

  3. Wow. As a new runner, I am hoping I feel that urge someday… to NEED to run. 😉 Cheers to a speedy recovery.

  4. Yikes, I would be going OUT OF MY SKIN if I couldn’t get to my daily group fitness class, so I totally commisserate on that itchy feeling. Wishing you healing and a painfree week!

  5. Oh Lady! Every runner who has been sidelined feels your pain, myself included. I pray that this heals quickly and you are back to good before you know it. Take it easy and slow my friend. I want to see you running for a very long time!

    (Yes, I know that this is WAY easier said than done!)

  6. I miss running. My physiotherapist is currently giving me a no-go for running, so I’ve been doing DVD’s and riding my stationary bike in my basement, which is a total waste of sunshine, but what can you do? Hope treatment goes well for you!

  7. Thank you for posting this. It gave me the boost I needed to request an appt w/ my doc to find out what is wrong with my foot in miles 14-26, if I can run any of the marathon (I’ll racewalk it if i I have to!), and if there are exercises I can do to help in the next 32 days (or if I should go see my physical therapist). I’m glad you were able to get pretty much the perfect response from your docs! And I’m glad you had a good run. At this point, all the good mental things are so important, I’m finding.

  8. oh man! i can relate to so much of what you said here. so glad you got out for the dose of vitamin D:) also. last time i went to PT I literally got laughed at for how little flexibility i had…how rude! haha!

  9. As a runner, I feel your pain. Dealing with tendonitis is the worst. Why are feet so dramatic? The hubs had a mild case of it last year, and had to scale back his mileage. The best thing you can do is listen to your body and not over do it. Give it a chance to heal because the worst thing would be to damage yourself completely and never run again! Glad you had a good run yesterday! Keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  10. Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

    You have a plan, you’re sticking to it. One way or another, you’re going to finish.

    And in the words of a very wonderful friend…. “Somtimes you just have to Hack a Marathon.”

  11. Way to keep at it! Glad you are getting some good PT! I hope they heal you up real fast!

  12. I hope the pain goes away soon! Also, I am so with you on the non-triathlete boat. Biking=my worst nightmare if I have to actually race. I like that high heel rule, never thought about it like that.

  13. Gah, tendonitis sucks! I had it across the top of my foot in the last week-ish leading up to my first marathon, didn’t take care of it properly and although I did finish the marathon I finished it with a purple, bruised foot – please don’t do that. That was horrible, I hated every mile. But you have time to heal and you have professional guidance {I didn’t, google was my dr, whom I choose not to listen to…} so you should be on track!

    Heal up super fast and keep up the training! 🙂

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