Daily Archives: 05.13.2012

Looking At Things

This weekend, we were in Grand Forks for Adam’s graduation.

I swear, we actually did watch him walk the stage.  And even though the announcer called him “Albert” and totally mangled our four letter last name (to be expected), it was wonderful.

Since men aren’t given to carrying European Carry-Alls purses, he asked me to hold his sunglasses during the ceremony.

At some point I must have dug them out and started fiddling with them, because otherwise I don’t know how I would have otherwise connected all the dots on this one.

When inspiration strikes, it’s usually best to just go with it.

Post-ceremony, in the spirit of Kim Jong-il Looking at Things, this happened.

We can save the discussion of why he owns a pair of sunglasses that look so very similar to the late dictator’s for later.

And yes, I realized that by wearing the skirt twice in one week, I am a total outfit-repeater.  Don’t hate.

What memes crack you up?

p.s. At Post Time, I had packed five pairs of shoes, but by the time we walked out the door on Friday, I was wearing a sixth.  So, there’s that.