Daily Archives: 04.30.2012

Day 47


Uno: Get on over to Ann, Courtenay, Erin, Hannah and Kristi’s Get In Gear Race Recaps.  These sisters preach it.

Dos: Ann was kind enough to let me borrow this snap that she took of me during post-race “recovery.”

Girlfriend takes one look at me and asks me, What are you trying to stretch?  And in all seriousness, I wasn’t trying to stretch anything.  I was actually trying to put my feet by the heat vent on the fireplace to dry them/warm them up.

The Blog: All Dignity, All The Time.  Except for when it’s not.

Like I said on Saturday, this weekend’s long run was a lot about gratitude.

My foot (beneath my ankle) has been varying degrees of painful (from not at all to excruciating) for the last week.  The first two minutes of my run are pure hell, but by the time I get to mile 3, things have warmed and loosened up.

The reality of marathon training (for me) is that I feel really great until I cross the 17 mile mark on my plan, and then I spend the remainder of my training trying to preserve the strength/endurance that I’ve gained while trying to avoid DNS-type injuries.

It only occurred to me this morning that the leap up to 19 miles was not an insignificant one and that running 19 miles and then 20 miles on back to back weekends would likely, give my body full license to go on strike.

Even if they were On The Plan.

So in the spirit of all of this, last week, I substituted in three days of biking (Wed-Th-Su).  My mileage total for that sideshow thus far is 50.71 miles.  Considering I know nothing about biking at all (seriously), I’m clueless as to whether or not that means I’ve been making good use of my time on the bike.

What I do know: If you’re trying to avert bodily disaster, riding the bike is a great way to keep up with the cardio and (more importantly) to get those legs moving.

And to add even more variety to the show, today I hit the pool with Mom.

Yes, seriously.  The pool.  I don’t even know if I’ve ever mentioned a pool on The Blog EVER.

But anyway, she joined-up at a new health club that has a salt water pool.  This is a really big deal because I’m hardcore allergic to Chlorine.  As in, I get a full-body rash that lasts for days on end.

All together now: DO NOT WANT.

So I can’t even tell you how excited I was to go aqua jogging swimming at a place that was not a lake, the ocean or a cruise ship.

For this former-lifeguard, it was a seriously big deal.

What is your preferred method of cross-training?

Are you a pool person or a lake person?