Doing Things

Besides the Race, I did manage to do a few other things this weekend.

On Friday night as a part of my Carb Loading-It’s The Weekend-Fun Fest, we dropped by the Fulton Tap Room.  Some runners Say No to a pre-race beer, but I’m comfortable pouring one or two.

My first round was a Ringer (their newly released American Ale) and the second was the Sweet Child of Vine which is their IPA and most well-known beer.  While I sipped on the Sweet Child of Vine, I knew that we had absolutely made the right choice, even if the place was totally packed because we arrived just before the start of a Twins game.

Um.  One who plans around sporting events I am not.

We also scrounged up some tacos from the Get Sauced truck parked outside.  Because if you’re going to sip, you should probably snack.  This may or may not be the lost 11th Commandment.

My best recollection of what was going on in there: Some interpretation of Mexican-style tacos (v. BBQ or Korean) with white and blue corn tortillas.  How snappy, right?

What I just learned from digging up the link: They are a chain.  So that kind of takes away from the shabby-chic of it all.

This morning I took a brief moment to address my mitts + paws.  They were a serious disaster scene and the situation was, quite frankly, unlivable in the current state.

I’ve become a terrible procrastinator lately where they’re concerned and I think we can all agree that the only thing worse than no manicure at all is some extremely chipped polish.

I was ashamed for me.

Post-pamper, I actioned some baking.  With the patio door open and the natural light streaming into the kitchen, it only seemed like the right thing to do.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies were the end-product, obviously.

On the declutter front, I took a trunk full of objects and former possessions to the Goodwill.  As I packed things into the trunk, it was like having a weight lifted off my chest.

Cliche?  Absolutely.  I am more than happy to Go There.

While I got to re-organizing the boxes for a better “fit” it made me wonder exactly how much effort goes into organizing a garage sale.  Not because I want to host one, but because it already seemed like enough effort to get things piled up and packed away for donation!

Have you ever hosted a garage sale?

What did The Universe direct you to do this weekend?

7 responses to “Doing Things

  1. I went shopping for my wedding dress (didn’t find THE ONE, but that’s okay), watched some movies, and ate a TON!

  2. Uggghhh! I’ve done 2 garage sales (the kids talked me into it) and never again, they are so much work and we are all the worst bargainers. Not that any of the stuff was that great, but after all the prep and being outside for hours to come away with 40 bucks it’s like, I am done.

  3. I’ve had 2 garage sales at the insistence of my kids. I hate storing everything and then spending a Saturday hoping to get rid of it all. Never again, unless you have a ton of stuff it’s not worth it in my opinion.

  4. You should see my mitts…they would scare the living daylights out of you! I swear I haven’t had a manicure in 5 years…10?

    I haven’t had a garage sale seeing as I don’t have a garage (condo-living at it’s best!). But I do make regular drop offs to the Salvation Army because I FEAR clutter.

    Happy Monday Kat…hope you have a good one!

  5. Um, you were a little more productive than I was over the weekend. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I STILL haven’t fixed my mitts or paws in at least six months. Pathetic, I know.

  6. That was supposed to be six weeks, not six months. Hopefully not a sign of more slacking to come.

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