One Kitchen, Many Hearts: Box 2

AND, we’re back!

From Left to Right, Top Row: Madelyn, Kirsten, Megan, Bottom Row: Jeanne, Allison et moi.

Not-so-miraculously, the first month of our box-swapping experiment was a success.  Which is to say that we collectively agreed that getting this package in the mail is more fun than Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays and Anniversaries.


More fun.  Obviously.

Because you basically go out and buy/source the things you would love to get, and then you wrap that love up and ship it out to a sister that you know will love it just as much.

It’s the perfect solution to the problem we never had.

The problem we do have: Making sure that these boxes and their contents are as unappealing/unappetizing as possible to menfolk and coonhounds.

This is our lot in life.

To check out what I packaged up, son/husband-proofed and sent over to Michigan (spoiler alert: you’ll die when you see my wrap job), click on over to visit Kirsten!

This month’s box came from Allison via the sunny state of Arizona, which is mildly ironic because my parents set-off to visit not a week after I received this parcel in the post.

We started out with some brief (albeit important) correspondence.  That was only after I made sure to have a full-glass of red wine in-hand.  This is the sort of multi-tasking we should all aspire to. 😉

The six of us are totally serious joke about setting-up a retirement compound for ourselves that would involve six houses opening up to one, giant, working kitchen.  With six more of everything.  Like Big Love meets the McCaughey Septuplets.

Or something like that.

Allison is a girl after my own heart because she has a way with words that is just second to none.  The tags she attached to the treats she sent slayed me.

Are you dying too?

And the treats.  So wonderful.  So perfect.  So fitting.

There’s a certain sweet spot that can only be reached by combining hot peppers, treats, accessories and bold declarations about handbags.  Some people may file it under Bermuda Triangle.  I think it falls squarely into the category known as My Life.

For instance: Have you ever experienced a homemade marshmallow?  Because if you haven’t, you really, really should.

In a run, don’t walk-sort of way.

In an, it will shake the very foundation of your beliefs-sort of way.

But like everything else that comes out of those flat-rate boxes, this is a good thing.

Want to know what else got sent around the country?  The answer to that is YES!  Pop on over to check out Madelyn, Kirsten, Megan, Jeanne and Allison’s boxes!

12 responses to “One Kitchen, Many Hearts: Box 2

  1. Awesome! And those tags had me cracking up (and thinking about Brad Pitt with a hairdryer in his undies). Love it!

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  3. You have clever tags, honey straws, accessories, and Brad Pitt in his undies…what else do you need, really?

  4. What a fantastic way to get to know bloggers and better yet, what a fantastic method to ensure one actually receives Mail. I miss that! I miss the flat rate boxes too. I came to know them all too well during my active Ebay Days.

    Such cute tags…love this idea Kat!

    Have the most fantastic weekend my friend!

  5. Ah, you ladies are so sweet. I hope I can get to retire in the Bloggers Retirement Compound someday too. Sounds lovely.

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  7. This is so great. I love it and all the goodies are perfect. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

    Shauna xoxoxoxo

  8. It’s Christmas in April! So fun. I clicked over and girly you’ve got good taste. The chocolate with sea salt I’ve had and is divine, the nail polish I want to get now and the tea towel is precious. Enjoy your fun presents!

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  10. Everyone needs to have a little “Brad Pitt with a hair dryer in his undies” type of pick me up.
    And I cannot recommend rounding up your own gaggle of girlfriends and doing this, too – I love both parts of the project. But yes – husband/child/coonhound proofing is A Must – there are just some things that need not be shared. Case in point: homemade marshmallows. #ruinedforlife
    Dear June: Please come quickly.

  11. I haven’t experienced a homemade marshmallow, but I am still confused by them. The bagged ones are so good! If it can be improved, then that’s a party I want to be a part of. Can you roast them like regular mallows?
    Great tags and bags! 🙂

  12. What an awesome idea!
    Ah, yes, there are some things in life that simply MUST be husband-proofed. The best sorts of things . . . ;]

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