Daily Archives: 04.26.2012

Friday Food Round-Up!

Just call it Christmas Come Early.  Or the fact that tomorrow is being dedicated to another topic entirely (though only for this week).  Ya’ll know that I like to maintain that Strong Sense Of Order that we’ve all become so fond of.

This week is just not the week for that.  The sense of order, I mean.

I had some serious meal plans laid out for this week.  Delicious dinners.  Things involving pantry-staples and a serious effort to try to lower our grocery bill.  Yes, I realize that by virtue of shopping at ALDI it’s already freakishly low.  But the increase in food prices because of the cost of gasoline?  Is no less insane and crazy-making to me.

And then, life happened.  A Pilgrimage with a girlfriend at the Whole Foods Salad Bar.  Eating Buffalo Wings for a fundraiser.  Having a bunch of sorority sisters over to visit with a sister who was in from out of town.

I’m actually 100% sure that when my sorority sisters left, I had more food in the refrigerator than I had started out with initially.

My life is so hard, right?

So, the big show.

Monday –  Boyfriend Approved Spicy Black Bean Burgers  with Guacamole, Chipotle Mayo and Tots

After a day of pushing All The Green Things, it only seemed appropriate to wrap up the last day of our vacation (and drive home) with some veggie burgers.

Do they taste like meat?  No.  Do they have any texture that even resembles meat?  Not at all.  Those facts are neither here nor there.

Because I didn’t really know what else we were going to do with the guacamole, wanted an excuse to make the mayo and was alarmed by the prospect of an empty plate?

I coached Marcus into saying that he wanted tots.  Because I wanted tots.

But sometimes you just need someone else to say it.

We’ve made these burgers a few times before and while I continue to expand my hypothesis of what will “work” to keep them together and what won’t, I’m still largely in the dark.

That being said, Marcus is more than happy to down a black bean “Sloppy Joe”-style arrangement.

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by freezing a couple of patties as leftovers, they might decide to stick together when reincarnation time comes around.

What are your tips for getting homemade veggie burgers to stick together?

How are you dealing with rising gas and grocery prices?