Good Decisions


Today: Two more breweries and the overwhelming sense that some of my organs may be shutting down.

Which is to say that this trip was A Good Decision.

More details to come tomorrow.

What is your favorite beer?

10 responses to “Good Decisions

  1. I know nothing about beer but I do know your outfit was A Good Decision. Of course…and the hair is naturally a perfect 10. So jealous.

    Hope the weekend was a good one my friend! Great photo.

  2. My favourite beer is a gin and tonic. Hahaha – I’m not much of a beer drinker. I actually have had beer in the past month, and that’s probably the first beer I’ve had in 3 years, and it tasted okay.

  3. The best beer I have ever had was a Kozel dark in Prag (Czech Republic). I am a huge fan of the dunkel (dark) beer, and this one was like a cream soda – so smooth.
    For a while I was able to find it here in the states, but the AZ distributor stopped distributing it, which is fine, since it wasn’t as good.
    I also liked Pilsner Urquel, but only in Europe – it’s majorly skunky by the time it makes it over here.
    As far as American beers, I love me a good Kilt Lifter from Four Peaks right here in Tempe, and of course I don’t know what I’d do without Shiner.
    If you and Marcus wanted to, say, do like different states’ tours of breweries, I know two Arizonans who would be down with being your AZ… um… “tour guides.”

  4. I’m still trying to figure the beer thing out. I like lighter beers and some of the fun flavored ones!

  5. I love Tyranena! Especially the Rocky’s Revenge! Jealous… (I also love scarves – cute one you are wearing there!) Glad I found your blog! Cheers~

  6. A beer tour! How brilliant! Beer’s never been my thing, but I can appreciate the art of sightseeing with booze! Enjoy! Plenty of time for your liver to recover next week…

  7. Good decisions indeed.
    Not much of a beer drinker still. Perhaps I just haven’t had a good one. Closest thing I like is hard cider, but that’s not very close at all.

  8. Your hair and outfit are totally 11/10. I love a good Bell’s Oberon with a slice of orange in the summertime.

  9. How fun. I am a loyal dogfishhead beer fan myself. Mostly the Barton Baton and Midas Touch products. Have a great one.

  10. You look so flippin’ cute in this pic Kat!
    I am a lover of Bell’s Oberon beer….mmmm.

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