On the Road


At Pearl Street Brewery Tap Room with Billy in La Crosse.

SO, the reason that I did all of that crazy run re-arranging and what-have-you last week is because we are on vacation through Monday.

After we got home from Napa, I wondered why we wouldn’t do a craft brewery tour in Wisconsin.  You know, since we (actually) like beer more than wine and it’s SO much closer.

We started making vague plans and finally took this show on the road after my long run Friday morning.

Yesterday we were in La Crosse, today we were in Milwaukee, and tomorrow we head to Madison.

So far, it’s making Napa look like Amateur Hour.  We’re loving it sick.

What is the last road-trip-type.vacation you took?


6 responses to “On the Road

  1. Oh, so jealous! Have a super fabulous time. Drink lots of awesome beer for me. And, of course, report in!

  2. How fun! Hope you have an awesome time.
    Last road trip-y thing was going to pick up a friend at her school in another state for break. It was… interesting.

  3. Kat we vacation in Tahoe every year same two weeks in August on the North shore. That’s the last road trip we took. We love it so much there. I love this picture of you, so pretty.

    Glad you are having such a great vacation you all deserve it!

    Take care!!!


  4. Sounds like so much fun!
    Our last real road-trip (as in, not just point-to-point to get to our vacation destination) was in 2005 to Yellowstone National Park. We left our son, who was about 1 1/2 years old at the time, with my parents and drove down from Saskatchewan through Montana to Wyoming, taking in a few stops along the way. I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter at the time, and now she’s 6 and my son is 8, so clearly, we haven’t really been road tripping since having kids (which, when you think about it, is probably smart).

  5. The girls and I take day trips here and there for photography fun, drinking and eating. Lots of all three usually happen. In excess. Gluttony might be the right word.
    But the last long vacation I went on, roadtrip or otherwise, was 3 years ago with Ben to Yellowstone. It was for our 1 year anniversary we roadtripped to Jellystone and there I thought I would come home single after I took him horseback riding for the first time in his life and he got thrown off a horse. He sprained his wrist and I thought he would dump me then and there. hahah Luckily – he didn’t and now look what I got. A fiancee!!

  6. How fun is a brewery tour?! Excellent choice. Our last road trip vacay was to see The Last Cowboy Standing event for the Professional Bull Riders. Don’t judge. 😉

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