Daily Archives: 04.20.2012

Friday Food Round-Up!

Another week where my sole mission was to make sure that we were able to feed ourselves.

Okay, so maybe my mission was also to Eat Delicious And Mostly Off-Limits During Passover Things.

There’s no need to pretend, really.

Sunday – Slow-Cooker Sausages with Sauerkraut and Potatoes from Real Simple

Please ignore the blue-ish cast.  When I snapped this at work, the color was all sorts of wrong and even with heavy editing, it looks like a snap from an old-school cookbook.

On Sunday I knew I was going to be out to dinner with some girlfriends.  I also knew that Marcus would require dinner and that we would both probably want some lunchtime leftovers.

Ironically, for all that we never use our crockpot (except for this one time when I made Chicken Tikka Masala in it), that was the first place that my mind went.  And even though we don’t get a subscription to Real Simple, a co-worker left the February 2012 issue out in the break room and their crockpot recipe section looked so bizarrely appealing that I tore it out of the magazine.

Who am I?

What I do know: When I got home from dinner, our house smelled like a German restaurant, and Marcus was scrubbing the crockpot and leaving it out to dry.

I’m pretty sure that Marcus forgot to toss in the Parsley and we used regular old baking potatoes instead of reds because that was what we had in the house.   We’ll subsist on red potatoes once Gregor starts churning out produce like nobody’s business so, I’m fine with this.

Monday – Austin-Style Black Beans with Green Chile Rice from The Homesick Texan

Marcus: Why can’t we just do this with beans from a can?

Me: Because then the flavors don’t do the same thing.

For cooking dry beans this is actually a superb recipe because the entire thing from start to finish will only take you ~2.5 hours.  No soaking allowed.

Because who has the time or the foresight for that, really?

Not me.

As per the usual, if you make a bag of dry beans, you’re going to have enough leftovers to feed yourself well for the remainder of the week and still have some to freeze.  Call it a fail-safe.

Tuesday – Gorditas from The Homesick Texan

This meal’s theme: Making things “authentically” the second go-round.

See also: Gorditas and Picadillo.

How you reverse-interpret things from masa to cornmeal and diced potatoes to raisins and olives is beyond me.

Regardless, I flipped open the book and got to work.

The really nice part about making picadillo is that you dump things in and let it simmer.  That gives you time to do other things…like dishes.  Salad making.  gordita dough-mixing.  Vacation planning.

What was probably totally unnecessary: frying the gorditas.  See also: they never really “puffed up” as promised, so I think that next time I would probably be inclined to try baking them.  Maybe that’s anathema, but it’s basically a corn biscuit.  And I’ll try anything once.

What do you try to make “authentically?”