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Birchbox: April 2012

To summarize last night: We went out for an amazing happy hour with friends that dragged on until 8:00 PM.  By the time that I had fro yo-ed (we were near-ish to Yogurt Lab…their Salted Caramel flavor is basically a Spiritual Experience) and we made it home to eat some semblance of a proper dinner, I was beyond the point of exhaustion and was nursing a the beginnings of a migraine that I would be dealing with until 3 AM.

Not cute.

Anyway, today was a new day.

What I was actually going to post last night was The Great Reveal of my April Birchbox, which arrived in the mail last weekend.  So naturally, we should probably dig into that.

After I posted last month’s box, I got a text from a girlfriend asking if a Birchbox subscription was worth it.

Answer: For $10 per box, it’s totally worth it.  You get interesting samples that encourage A Spirit of Totally Selfish Pampering and more importantly, you’re never going to ask if the $10 you spent sabotaged your diet.

Did I mention the element of surprise?  Because there’s that, too.

This month’s theme: Natural Wonders.

I’m all for giving Mother Earth a hug and all of that, but getting an eco-friendly box wasn’t really the selling point of joining-up.

If that makes any sense.

Regardless, I’m 11/10 pleased with what they managed to round-up for me this month.

The contents: A Befine Skincare Sampler (Daily Moisturizer and Exfoliating Cleanser), Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift (fragrance), Zoya Nail Polish and Yes To Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes.

I will say that I’m looking forward to trying out the hair powder, only because I’ve never used dry shampoo before and now that my hair is Officially Growing In Blonde, this actually seems like a realistic thing to use.

Not that I have any grand plans to legitimately use dry shampoo (the running negates this), but allegedly it’s 11/10 as a hair-fluffer/resurrector after a long day and before an even longer night.

Have you ever used dry shampoo?

What is your favorite moisturizer?