Strike While the Iron is Hot

Since Minnesota got hit with a decent string of storms on Sunday, I decided to take a snap of the flowering tree before Heavy Rains and Hail had the chance to batter the blossoms, leaving my driveway littered with petals.

And in the spirit of acknowledging that Climate Change is happening, (as if the 100+ tornadoes that the string of storms dropped across The Plains over the weekend weren’t enough of an indicator), I thought I would take a look to see when, exactly, it was that we were blooming last year.

Answer: May 17th.

I bet it’s nothing.

So, Le Jardin managed it in its seedling nursery-state until Thursday evening.

At which point, after realizing that I had plants with roots that were growing out of their starter-pods, I felt the urge to re-plant immediately.

Strike while the iron is hot, right?

They seem quite happy in their new home.  From left to right: Genovese Basil, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Sage, Purple Basil.

En ce moment, I’m a little bit concerned that the Purple Basil could be this year’s Cilantro-Parsley-Tarragon.  But we won’t really know until June or July, will we?

The next step is digging out the plastic, 2 liter beer pitcher that I stashed in the garage with the rest of our gardening supplies last fall.

Who needs a real watering can?  I mean, honestly.

Do you have any flowering trees in your yard?


9 responses to “Strike While the Iron is Hot

  1. Remind me to ask you all about le jardin tomorrow at happy hour! I think my seedlings are almost ready to transplant but I have no clue what I’m doing 😛

  2. I have two lemon trees? I have a rose bush and a bougainvillea. And it’s so sweet…a bird put her nest in our bougainvillea and the kids are having a blast watching her. My son came in from our backyard tonight and said mom, “she’s so cute, she’s sleeping on her nest.” So precious, nature that is, well some of it. hahaha.

    I’m so happy for your plants they are doing great, growing and sprouting like good little plants should. 🙂

    Also, great picture of your front lawn, a love the tree. I love my lemon trees, but more for how pretty they look, I mean how many lemons can you use? It seriously gives us hundreds.

    Take care!


  3. Whoa! Go, plants, go! Looking good. I can’t wait to see how you use your herbs. I’m intrigued by that Purple Basil. It sounds all sorts of exotic.

  4. Wow, a whole month early! That’s wild. One of the greatest things about spring are the blossoming trees, and we’ve had a few blooming around here. Le jardin is looking good as well.

  5. That tree is gorgeous! Wow!
    We have a yellow trumpet tree that’s supposed to blossom like crazy . . . but I think it had four flowers on it. We did, however, have nearly a dozen azaela bushes in full bloom for about two weeks . . . and I was a dunce and never snapped a picture. You’re smart to get one of your beautiful tree, now!

    Love your le jardin updates. Seedlings are so cute! I can’t wait to see what happens to them :]

  6. Yes! I think I have one of those very same trees in my yard. (Any idea what it’s called?)

    Inspired by your le jardin updates, I got some seeds started this weekend (a few weeks behind, but who’s counting…). I decided to do it outside to avoid getting soil everywhere inside, but the winds were so wild that I’m not really sure which seeds ended up going where. We may have a cilantro-parsley-tarragon situation here too. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous tree! Alas, no flowering trees in my yard because flowering trees equate to Deer Food. Nonetheless, I keep trying to plant them.

  8. Ah, I love flowering trees! And sprouting baby plants! My heart goes pitter patter. Much flowering in the yard here in No. Cal. right about now. Spring has sprung! And not a moment too soon!

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