Daily Archives: 04.16.2012

Day 61

After wrapping up another week of training without ending up at the doctor’s office (I think this is a completely valid measure of success, by the way), I decided to see what my sunk cost in terms of training has been so far.

Because recounting long run after long run gets boring to me.  And we still have another 60 days to go.

Are we there yet?  No.

Moving on, the cost:

Since February 12, 2012, I have run 345.55 miles and have practiced 900 minutes of yoga.

So, there’s that.

Last night I did dinner with Ann, Ash, Brady and Hannah and we ended up on the topic of Really Photogenic Guy.

Brady voted that I was a photogenic runner because my hair is 11/10 at behaving itself whilst I’m on the warpath.

But the hair is really where it ends.

A reality check for my ego.  Look.

When I’m racing I think I look like some sort of cheetah on the hunt, but I think this is the most obvious evidence to date of the contrary.

In case you cared, at this point my mini-water bottle was completely empty.

See also: I really need to get a pair of more flattering sunglasses

But, back to the matter at-hand.  I think that there’s something kind of fascinating about the fact that I can spend an entire day fixating on my body and that the moment I start running, it all goes away.

In all seriousness: Beyond assessing whether or not I’m in pain, my body ceases to occupy my thoughts.

For all practical purposes it no longer exists.

I don’t wonder about the size of my thighs, whether or not my stomach is jiggling, if the way that I’m holding my arms is the most slimming.

I inhale.

The voice is silent.

I exhale.

It’s just me, moving forward.

That’s a pretty freeing feeling.

What do you think you look like when you work out?

Are you aware of your body when you work out?