Daily Archives: 04.15.2012

Things That Start With “B”: Bunnies and Beer

Party kittens, to summarize the way that I spent 75% of my time this weekend: it was wonderfully packed with girlfriends.  In a stuffed-to-the-gills, where have you been all my life?-sort of way.

My heart is full right now.

The other focus of our efforts: Last night, we broke Passover.

What’s that, you ask?  It means that after eight days of abstaining from things allowed to rise (with yeast) as well as corn, beans and rice (among many other things) we didn’t have to do that anymore.

So we feasted on beer, pita, hummus, bean dip, huaraches, tacos, rice, beans, potato chips and funfetti dip.

Translation: We (very literally) ate All The Things.

It was delightful.  The world finally makes sense again.

And, not to be forgotten, I enjoyed my favorite breaking Passover tradition…

The gnawing of the ears.

Because what else are bunnies in baskets for?

Can I get an Amen?

In other news, for his birthday, Marcus asked our families for Barleywine.

We’re kind of going through a “phase” as it were.

Can we discuss the irony of the fact that between his birthday (on the second night of The Holiday) and a six-pack he won from his brother Adam on a bet, this is what we have been sitting on and not drinking for the last week?

Seriously.  We have a lot of work to do.

Especially since we’re probably going to have even more of a supply issue come next Monday.  But that’s a story for later this week. 😉

What did you get up to this weekend?