Friday Food Round-Up!

I didn’t find it necessary to detail our Friday-Sunday feasting because it was spent Doing Passover and Doing Easter.  Which is to say, close your eyes and imagine us eating three huge, holiday meals in as many days.

Otherwise, the theme of this week has been eggs and quinoa.  By the time we reach sundown on Saturday Marcus and I will have very nearly consumed two dozen eggs and I will have eaten enough quinoa to put me off of the stuff for a while.

And yes, we’ve been continuing to eat dinner salads like it’s our job.  So what you’re seeing here is the main course and not the whole enchilada.

Monday – Matzo Pizza

It’s like an adult Lunchable, basically.

That being said, I am in a wholly monogamous and committed relationship with Trader Joe’s marinara sauce.  It is The Red Sauce that encouraged me to quit making my own because it is made with such good (whole food) ingredients and is so much more convenient.

If you’re not doing it, it’s time to start.  This is most definitely one of my non-negotiable pantry items.

Tuesday – Tuna Dip

This is a direct rip-off from the dip you can order at Stella’s in Uptown.

What you do: Make a batch of guacamole.  Sear a piece tuna sprinkled with seasoned salt (yes, seriously).  Cube.  Surround the guacamole with the tuna and serve.  Ideally with chips, but matzo works really well in a pinch.

If you’re feeling terribly glamorous, you might decide to do more of a chunky guacamole and then top it with the tuna in some sort of cylindrical stack.

But when it’s just the two of us, those things don’t matter in the same way.

Tuesday – Mini Ham & Cheese Quinoa Cups from Iowa Girl Eats

Hello, unphotogenic.

Since a lot of the dinners we’re making/eating don’t really lend themselves to leftovers, I needed something for our fridge that would (lend itself well).  In our house, quinoa is a Passover-safe food.

What these didn’t contain: Ham.

What I didn’t do: Make them in a mini-muffin tin.  We went full-sized.

What I added: ~1/3 c green onion (in addition to the two stalks), 1/4 t dry mustard, 1/4 t powdered ginger (this was an accident because I was not reading the labels and originally guessed it was mustard…thankfully it didn’t impact anything in a negative way), 1/4 t tarragon (if you’re making savory eggs, this should always be present).

Next time I think we would need to add more salt or more cheese or something because even though these yielded a much-needed chew, they just tasted…healthy.  I’m sure that incorporating some type of meat would probably help as well, but I refuse to believe that ham chunks are the only way this dish is able to survive.

Wednesday – Migas and Mexican Fried Potatoes from The Homesick Texan

How to make Migas safe for passover?  Eliminate the tortillas.

Done dealin’.

I could continue to extol the virtues of this dish (and the seeming simplicity of the breakfast potatoes) indefinitely, but a simple fact remains.  It is delicious, easy and extremely cheap.

And whether you reheat these leftovers for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will make your heart go pitter-pat.

Thursday – Passover-safe Happy Hour with Jillian

In the mix: Brie, Goat Cheese, Matzo (obviously), Party Salad, Mystery Salad (to be revealed tomorrow), Tempranillo.

When Jillian and I needed to set a date to get-together, she suggested this one.  Since it was smack dab in the middle of Passover, I asked her if she would be okay “playing” Happy Hour at our place.

How you know you have a good friend: Not only will they come over to play Passover Happy Hour with you, but they will happily don a shitty sweatshirt so that you can enjoy the breezy (and shady) patio.

We workshopped, ate inappropriate amounts of brie, and for a moment it was as if everything were totally normal.


Passover-observers, what have you been eating?

Non-Passover Observers, what was your favorite meal of the week?

Also, don’t forget, it’s Salad Week!  Tomorrow, we’ll be linking-up over at Allison’s blog and in the interim, we’ve tried to devise plenty of things to keep your mouth watering!

5 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. My fave meal this week happened to be a salad! I started with my usual base of red leaf and baby spinach and topped it with carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper, green beans, puffed tofu, kimchee, seaweed salad, and seaweed noodles. I topped it with a mixture of peanut butter, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and soy sauce (heated up to get the pb to play nice and combine, but added at room temp). Super awesome and super giant. Also in the spirit of Salad Week! 😀

  2. Girl, Passover Happy Hour was the best.

    Also how you know you have a good friend: You look down at your watch and have no idea that 2 hours just passed…

  3. Well last night was the night before I went shopping today and I only do a major shopping trip once every two weeks. We have two refrigerators (one in the garage) so last night we had no food. Which means I usually have to whip something up from our food storage. 🙂

    I made cheese melts over chicken salad on sourdough, I broiled them and served it with salad (I always have lettuce; found one carrot and threw in a half eaten apple, cut up.), I also served cranberry sauce along with everything. What do you know, my kids and husband loved it. I didn’t have much of it, I stuck with salad but I had some tastes and it was really good. So I guess that’s my favorite meal of the week. ( I was going to say salad but I always say salad.)

    I love your Friday Food Round Up, I’ve told you before, but you can’t hear it enough? Can you? 🙂 Kat, I love Trader Joes’ red sauce too!!! I know a lot of people are loving the Kirkland brand tomato sauce too and I have it in house right now, but to be honest I like TJs’ better. I try not to have too much processed food around but I just can’t make my own red sauce, I use to a few years ago, but it’s just not happening anymore. Not worth it, I agree.

    Alright have I covered everything? I think so. I’m glad you had such a nice Passover, very nice to read about. Take care and happy weekend.


  4. I love TJ’s marinara! We use it in homemade pizza all the time 🙂

  5. My favorite meal this week was a mondo spinach Cobb salad fashioned, in part, by leftover colored Easter eggs. Made for nice grown-up style lunches.

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