Daily Archives: 04.11.2012

Delayed Gratification

Kittens, I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but of all the pursuits I used to ADORE, shopping has made me so moody lately.

I see clothes and they do nothing for me.

I see shoes and they do…nothing for me.

I look at the things in my closet before I get ready for work and ask myself, Can we not just skip directly to tights?

To say that my life is currently dominated by spandex/rayon blends would be an understatement, but that doesn’t make this situation right.

Moisture wicking-gear aside, I’ve managed to snag a few things here and there since The Ban lifted.

Thank God.

The madness does not stop there.

Does it ever?  I think not.

A couple of weekends ago I was browsing the J.Crew outlet online and just drooling over everything in sight.  It seems like they’ve made quite the comeback in the last year and a half or so.

BUT (and here’s the kicker) instead of pressing “Checkout” right then and there like the shopping fiend of my former glories, I decided to give it some time to see what really stuck.

Um, excuse me, what?

HOW SENSIBLE.  I’m pretty sure that has been penned in every book about personal finance that has ever been written.

Please note, I did not “refrain” from checking out because of personal finances.  It was wholly rooted in a desire to avoid bringing more crap into my closet.

Still, who knew I had that in me?

Last Friday, I did the actual shopping.  And upon the discovery of a 30% off coupon code that was allegedly expired (it was not), I walked away with a veritable bounty of things for not-so-much money.

In all seriousness, I only spent the same amount that it would have cost to drag an equivalent amount of clobber home from Target.  So my waiting was, in fact, worth it.

Can I get an Amen for that?

Anyway, the haul.  Please note, there is no pleating, there is no neon.  En ce moment, I just…can’t.


Not from J.Crew: The dress, the maroon and lavender cardigans.

I tried to avoid buying more sundresses because as I realized the other week, my closet is actually pretty full of them.  If this is the biggest issue I’m facing, then I think we can all agree that I am in A Good Place.

I mean, can we all agree that we could probably achieve World Peace if everyone had enough frocks in their closet?  Because I’m positive that we could.

My new dilemma is trying to figure out what it is that I actually do need to stock up on for the summer months.

The first step: Purging the shoes I own that are falling apart or don’t fit well.  I’m ashamed to admit that I own a disproportionate number of them.  I need the shelf space.  The time is now.

What are you stocking up on for summer?