Daily Archives: 04.10.2012


Over the past week or so, things have really started progressing where Le Jardin is concerned.

The Sage sprouted and absolutely shot up like a weed (seriously, it’s beating The Basil) and I realized that I needed to cull my seedlings.

High drama, I know.

So I did that, and was left with a predictable end-result.

The culling continued for the remainder of the week as a post-breakfast ritual until I was satisfied that (most) all of the pods were down to one seedling.

As of today (this picture was taken on Saturday), I think we’re finally there.

It’s a process, kittens.  I mean, you wouldn’t want to rip the stronger seedling out, would you?  And how can you really tell when your plants are all of 2″ high and their miniature leaves all look vaguely the same?

Suddenly I’m transported to a future where my planters are filled with tiny, limp, thin-stemmed Basil plants.

I want nothing to do with it.

This is what you get for scattering the seeds all over the place without any regard to the 1-2 Seeds Per Pod-rule.

Lesson learned.

When you see instructions on a package do you follow them, or try winging it first?

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