Daily Archives: 04.09.2012

Day 68

It’s Day 68.

I blessedly made it through two weeks of Big Miles (I logged ~86 miles total over that 14 day period) without getting injured.

As a runner, that’s all you can really hope or ask for.

More bluntly, I knew that the way the last two weeks went (Fast or slow?  Injuries or no injuries?) was going to tell me a great deal about whether or not my body was strong enough to handle this plan, or if I should back-off a bit and move down a tier.

Answer: We’re staying the course.

The comparison between last Sunday’s 16.5 miles and this Sunday’s 17 miles is like night and day.  And when I say night and day, I mean that I only tacked on a half mile, but I ran the entire route about 10 minutes faster.


I was floored.

Yes, there were painful parts.  Yes, there was a point where I was running, listening to my legs and realizing that I was at That Place Again The Wall.  But this time around, instead of slowing down, I turned the music up and pushed straight through.

Please, take a moment to process that when I say that I pushed straight through, it’s not like I had some sort of Second Wind Beneath My Wings moment.  It’s not like I had this bold of clarity where suddenly I was moved to action.

It was still LONG.

I was still talking myself through the last two miles.

But really, it’s just outright amazing how different a run can feel when you’ve had enough sleep and have been eating well.

I know.  I KNOW.  WHO KNEW.

It’s all epiphanies and revelations ’round these parts.

Today, I’m rejoicing because this week is Step-Back Week.  According to The Plan, I’m supposed to race on Sunday and have therefore earned two (two!) rest days.

Reality: I’m not racing this weekend.

So I’m going to save that extra race day-rest day for the weekend of the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon, where I really do want to race.

All in all, I’ll be dropping my mileage by six miles.  That should save me at least an hour on my feet and will hopefully (fingers crossed!) leave me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the weeks to come.

If nothing else, I can enjoy a week where every day isn’t a conscious effort on my part to avoid thinking about how long I really will be running on Sunday morning.

The rest is in the little things.

Runners: How is your training going?

p.s. It’s Salad Week!  Because after spending a weekend indulging, we’re all in the mood for a -tox.   Today, Allison kicked us off with a Quinoa Tabbouleh that would rate as 11/10 on a bad day.  The rest of our lovely schedule?