Daily Archives: 04.07.2012

Coloring Eggs: A New Direction

Kittens, I was going to write this big long musing about Passover and Easter and what it is that my observant and celebratory life looks like these days.  It might still happen later this week.

And then I was going to write about Marcus’ birthday because today he turned 29 for the first time.

Then we went over to my parents’ to color eggs.  Because who doesn’t love doing that?

Al of my previous discussion topics immediately went out the window.

The first round was civilized.

Then the tributes started rolling.  I don’t know in what dark place we found this wellspring of creativity, but it came, fast and fierce.

RIP Thomas Kinkade, creator of light.

RIP Whitney.  We will always love you.

Whether your joy this weekend is because you were able to flee your oppressors under the cover of night, or because when the rock was rolled away from the tomb it was empty, I hope that you enjoy a blessed holiday surrounded by those you love the most.