It Rides Again

Tonight, this beauty rode again.

Yes, the DIY Panini Press is officially A Thing.  Because if it’s Thursday, there are probably sandwiches to be made.

You see, Michelle came over this afternoon to do some Passover cooking.  Neither of us have ever brought Important Dishes to the Seder table before, so it was really nice that we got to do the cooking together.

Slash, both of us were beyond the point of exhaustion, and I was thankful that neither of us had to go it alone.  What else are sisters for, right?

Our bounty?  We actioned the Charoset and a pair of flourless Chocolate Tortes.

Seriously.  I couldn’t believe we had it in us either.

We’ll probably need to do more workshopping on the topic of Passover later this weekend, but for now, all you need to know is that I’m enjoying my last few beers before The Holiday begins.

I think we all know what takes priority.

What is the first “big thing” you prepared for a celebration?


8 responses to “It Rides Again

  1. My first Thanksgiving turkey as a married woman was gorgeous – perfectly browned and cooked to perfection. Until I realized that the bag of giblets was still inside the turkey. I had no idea you had to remove stuff. I was stunned. PS – I have the same panini press you do. In black. 🙂

  2. My first Grown-Up Holiday that I hosted I made all the usual side dishes for Easter dinner, and a lasagna for the central dish. It was weird eating lasagna with scalloped potatoes, but we suffered through it.

  3. Love the panini press! That is genius!
    My first hosting job was for Christmas Eve dinner. And, of course, I seized the opportunity to go big or go home and themed the whole thing around an Italian feast of seven fishes. Nothing got done at the same time (of course), but we kept the martinis flowing and everyone went home happy!

  4. I’m digging the homemade pannini press. Hot sandwiches are so much better than cold ones.
    The plans change so much with my family that it’s hard to have any solid preparations done beforehand. Usually one thing is certain, and that’s having brie ready.

  5. Cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving gives me anxiety every time! Wish I could taste your torte. Happy Passover.

  6. Cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving gives me anxiety every year….there is just so much that could go wrong, as in the whole house just might burn down. Happy Passover.

  7. HAHA! Panini press makes sandwich and tea!

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