Daily Archives: 04.03.2012

Be still, my heart.

I preface this by saying that this entire post should be a tribute to why I am not a stylist insofar as photos are concerned and/or why if I ever sold anything on eBay, people would be able to understand that I was selling the Real Thing and not Photos I Found On The Internet.

This is my favorite purse of all time.

It’s the Coach Carly (in-case you actually cared) and I have no idea as to what, specifically possessed me to buy it in 2008.  But I’m 100% certain that this bag is what fully ingrained the concept of investing in nice accessories handbags.

The only terrible part about this purse is that the weave on the fabric was defective.  So after about a year, the edges started to fray.

Coach was not down with that so they discontinued the line and recalled the bag.  You could either ship your bag in and get a full refund, or keep your bag and get a 50% discount off of another purchase.

I kept the bag, obviously.

And then I swore to myself that if they ever reincarnated the design, I would purchase it immediately.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I could carry this purse for the rest of my life and be happy.

Actually, Marcus is probably extremely happy if he’s reading this 😉

So when I was cruising the Coach website with a 25% off coupon and saw this bag?

I didn’t even blink.  It was in my cart and being shipped before I could even stop to process what was happening.

Which is kind of hysterical, considering how much shopping I haven’t done since last November.

I know there’s not nearly as much hardware.  But the original concept?  Appears to be fully intact.

Be still, my heart.

Do you have a favorite purse?