Daily Archives: 04.01.2012

Progress Report

I’ve spent a large portion of my day swathed in compression tights.

Did I mention how amazing those things are?  Because in our house they have thoroughly earned the title of Wonder Pants.  This afternoon I had to talk myself out of leaving the house and visiting public places (like a friend’s surprise party) in them.

Self-control.  I have it.

But tights are not the topic of discussion today.

It has been a week since I planted Le Jardin 2012.  Yes, that means that I posted about the planting a few days after it actually happened.  This is how things on the internet go sometimes.

Since I didn’t dedicate quite as much effort as I should have to counting out the correct number of seeds per-pellet and burying them, I was a little bit nervous that the whole situation was going to be a bust.

Mais, non.


Yes, we’re still waiting on the Sage, but the rest of it seems to be growing with ferocious determination.

Once things start sprouting, it’s “okay” to take the lid off, but I’ve found that letting it sit for another week or so is just fine.  If nothing else, it will help the sage along and allow me to ignore the fact that plants need water for a few more days.

My next project will be to figure out where I want to place herbs/flowers on our deck/front step.  Obviously we all know where the Basil will do its best.  But we have a few different hooks, etc. that I would like to be able to fill with something lovely this year.

Gardeners: How are your sprouts coming along?

What sort of flowers are good for full (and/or partial) sun boxes/hanging baskets/planters?