Friday Food Round-Up!

Most weeks really lend themselves to a flowery preface.

This week: I am absolutely astonished by the amount of food I managed to cook, considering that I’ve been running on empty.

We feast-on.

Sunday – Vegetable Stir Fry (with Omelet) over Brown Rice

After doing cheese fondue, sangria and desserts galore for Madelyn’s Bridal Shower, I wanted nothing more than green things.  The good news is that we had a TON of extra veggie “dippers” leftover, even after I forced some of them on Christine.

My choices were stir fry and pizza.  Between the two, the chew of vegetables over brown rice just sounded better to me than cheese and crust.  Likely because I had already eaten my body weight in gruyere and swiss.

What I really need to learn how to do: Make an excellent, stick-to-the-dish stir fry sauce.  I realize that if I removed the stir fry from the pan, drained the liquid and then made/reduced the sauce, this problem would be totally solved.

Next time.

Lunch – Turkey Picadillo Sandwiches from Great, Easy Meals

Since I knew we weren’t going to be cooking a ton this week and I had the extra half-hour, I decided to action a batch of the filling for these sandwiches.

Why I was skeptical: It included raisins and olives, neither of which Marcus is fond of.

Why I shouldn’t have been skeptical: Marcus loved it 11/10.

And how easy is it to send your husband to work with a container of sandwich filling to heat up in the microwave and a roll?


Tuesday – Gorditas from time for dinner

Another day for skepticism.  Because we were cooking with cornmeal, which is yet another one of The Things that Marcus self-professed hate-relationship with.

You know, until I fashion it into a meal.

Our modifications: I didn’t put the cheese into the base of the gordita-cups.  I knew that it was a clear-cut example of A Time Where We Wouldn’t Be Able To Taste It and I already knew we would be liberally sprinkling the cheese on top of the cups instead.   Instead of buying a rotisserie chicken, I roasted up the turkey legs remaining from The Butchering of 2011.

Next time I want to attempt these in a mini-muffin tin so that I could fill them with, say, Kirsten’s Corn and Avocado Salad as an appetizer.

How fun, right?

Thursday – Migas and Mexican Fried Potatoes from The Homesick Texan

This week was so stressful (surprise) that I ended up having to re-schedule a happy hour-dinner date with a sorority sister.  Which left my night totally open for relaxing until I realized that Mom was out-of-town on business and that Dad was home alone with Mr. Fang.

So I called him up and asked him to come to dinner.

This might sound kind of strange, but I very rarely cook for anyone else beyond Marcus and myself.  Yes, I bring leftover baked goods in for co-workers.  But the idea of feeding other people?  Just makes me anxious.

What that really means: I have never cooked dinner for my parents.

To the point where Dad seriously wondered whether or not I actually cooked any of the things that I show here and if Marcus’ raving about my cooking abilities were totally appropriate or completely off-base.

The meal I chose wasn’t fancy at all.  I decided to go with Migas and this potato situation because I had most all of the ingredients in my pantry to begin with.  And I knew that if Dad was late, they would be easy dishes to keep warm.

But Breakfast For Dinner is always a good choice, and Lisa (and The Homesick Texan) have yet to do me wrong.

After offering to photograph me with the food (I politely declined), Dad dug into his plate and declared the feast blog-worthy.

So I guess I really can cook, or something. 😉

What was the first meal you cooked for your parents?

5 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Oh I love the Migas and Mexican Fried Potatoes! Looks so good.

    The first meal I cooked for my parents? Wow, I really couldn’t say, although they love my salads. I’ll go with that.

    Take care,


  2. Can I just say that all of your Homesick Texan-themed meals totally gives you the right to be on a first name basis with Lisa. I doubt that I’m talking outside of class when I say that you do her proud.

    First meal I ever made my parents? I was eight. I made scrambled eggs with half a jar of lemon pepper and a big handful of dry roasted peanuts in them. They were seriously as gross as they sound.

  3. I’m loving all of this Southwestern fare, makes me regret not getting Chipotle for lunch today. Pouts.

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