A Tiny Bit of Organizing

Thank you for bearing with me kittens.  This post is what I actually wanted to workshop yesterday, before exhaustion took me down.

The good news: Tomorrow is Friday.

I was going to do this crazy, in-depth review of my March Birchbox, but either energy has been eluding me or I just am not that emotionally invested in going into minutiae.

Or I realized that unless you also have a Birchbox (yes, you should absolutely subscribe) you’re likely never going to try any of those things.

In summary: All of the samples were great.  I only seriously considered purchasing two (the Kerastase and the tea forte).  I’m still working my way through most of them (the tea was consumed on a jag on Sunday night).

What is fantastic: as a “thank you” for throwing her shower, Madelyn sourced Christine and I these fantastic Vera Bradley brush cases.

I have a number of Vera Bradley bags (and aprons) so I am a major fan.

After digging through my make-up bag, I realized I actually have a fair few brushes and probably should be doing something more to corral them.

In the interim I have done nothing.

Because I decided that this bag would be the perfect place to stash my monthly samples.

I mean, it’s a reasonably sized bag.  But the size definitely makes it impossible for me to attempt to hoard.

It’s a priorities-thing.

You can just file this one under Being Proactive.

Do you have  special bag for your make-up brushes?

Do you have a Birchbox subscription?

5 responses to “A Tiny Bit of Organizing

  1. Excellent use of available storage space for your new goodies. Love that Vera Bradley bag! I have a wallet-ish organizer for all of my brushes that works well and scratches the organization itch because each brush has its own slot.

  2. I think I need to get a birchbox thingie. like asap.

  3. I have a birch tree in the backyard, does that count?


  4. I LOVE little pouches! Everyone in my life is probably sick of me gifting them little pouches for just about every occasion…but I just can’t help myself. I must have been a kangaroo in a past life…

  5. So flippin’ cute! I am on the waiting list for Birchbox and I am patiently waiting for them to say that I am in!

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