Daily Archives: 03.26.2012

Day 82

Yes, I realize that you can barely read the number on that Post-It.  But in case you still trying to read the situation, it’s 82.  Obviously.

Day 82.  The beginning of the first 40 mile week I’ve had to run in a long time.

Pray for me, kittens.

This week (and my almost 25% jump in weekly mileage) fits perfectly with one of my Healthy Living Resolutions, #4 Train to Minimize Injury.

I was going to write this really long post about how I’m working to minimize my injury risk.

Translation: I was going to get into great detail about compression garments and how 11/10 they are.  In case you were wondering, they’re absolutely worth the money and you should invest without batting a lash if you haven’t already.

Stretching.  Yoga.  Nutrition.  The works.

But we were at family dinner for three hours and I really want to go curl up in bed.

So instead, (as a summary) about a month ago, Brady shared these 5 Training Rules from Coach Caleb.

They are obvious, straight-forward and profound.  We as runners should be following every single one of them.

Yes, racing is about trying to achieve a certain time or goal.  But training is about being able to walk up to the start line.

What do you do to try to avoid injury?

If you read the Coach Caleb article, what rule is your personal favorite?