Daily Archives: 03.24.2012

Like the Swan, Paddling Furiously

Kittens, I must be on a roll this week.  Or something.

Christine and I are throwing a bridal shower tomorrow for Madelyn.  We’re having it here.  I think it’s going to be 11/10 lovely.

Based on the flowers that have taken over my table, I didn’t believe such pretty things could happen in these four walls.

Apparently they will.

There will be time for that later.

But like the swan, even though everything looks fine above the water, underneath I’m paddling furiously.

Today I made my first layer cake.

Yes, seriously.

It went well, I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

And because I was majorly wanting to check things off of The List, I frosted it on the cake stand.

Not a big deal.

Except for that part where I decided that it should definitely take up residence in my already-packed refrigerator for the night.  And the revelation that apparently Crate and Barrel sells cake stands that don’t have covers.

Even with the skewers that I inserted into the cake, my attempts at fashioning a cake-sized pup tent out of tin foil and plastic wrap failed miserably.

I took a breath, I took a step back.

I found myself improvising once more.

DIY Cake Stand Cover, get at me.

What has the most colorful part of your weekend been?