Innovation happens.

Michelle came over for dinner tonight, because we decided that we needed to do more regular sister-in-law bonding.

Translation: We were both running around town living our lives and realized that we never scheduled friend-date type activities with one another.

We were busy attending everyone else’s events and parties together, but not doing anything for ourselves.

Considering the fact that we are both sans-baby right now (and have plans to keep it that way!), we should be doing every zen, fantastic girly thing in the book.

So we are.  Effective now.

Tonight started with “Pinot” and ended with “Grigio.”  It also kick-started a debate regarding a different friend’s request to “Bring any Pinot” and not specify whether or not they meant Grigio or Noir.

Um, hello?   That’s like going into a bakery and saying “I’d like the one with the frosting.”

Really, that’s neither here nor there.

You can see what we ate for dinner tomorrow.  But for tonight, I just wanted you to be able to bask in the glory of this.

Seeing IS believing.  I give to you, The DIY Panini Press.

Yes, you could possess a griddler.  Or one of those fancy weights with a handle.

But who needs those when you have a grill pan, a slightly smaller frying pan and a tea kettle?

Necessity.  It’s the mother of invention.

What sort of kitchen tools have you “improvised?”

Which do you prefer: Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir?

I like them both, but I definitely prefer Pinot Noir myself.


7 responses to “Innovation happens.

  1. Forget the wine for a moment. The panini press is possibly the best thing I have ever observed. There was a recent NYT article about famous foodie personalities and their kitchen gadget splurges, and how they collect dust, while the SIMPLE stuff gets used. I am certain they would be super jealous of your innovation on the occasions you do need to press a sandwich, while they $400 panini presses they have sit in the basement.

    Back to the wine. I am a notorious sauvignon blanc drinker myself, so if forced, I’d have to pick the noir since I can’t cheat on my white wine of choice.

  2. Haha that is innovation! I bet they were the best you had ever ate!


  3. You are hilarious!!!! I’m dying right now…awesome. I don’t know that I have innovated anything in my kitchen really. Have I? Hmmmm….No not really, I haven’t. But, I love the kitchen and I love the appliances I use on a regular basis, like my Kitchen Aid. I have a juicer too that’s great. I want a Vita Mix so badly!! Maybe one day. I know this would not sit in the basement, I would use this gadget so much.

    I don’t drink wine but I love to say the names… 🙂 Hahaha, they sound so romantic. Have a great weekend!


  4. Love it! I’ve always wanted one of those fancy pants panini makers. But I think your way works just as well.

    It reminds me of when Dan and I were first living together and had almost nothing. We had one mixing bowl (his from college), one baking sheet (again, his from college), and dollar store knives. I remember wishing and wishing for real stuff. But now that I have all that real stuff, I look back fondly on our days when we made it work with whatever we had.

  5. Ha! This post is hysterical! I love the white trash panini maker. I used a brick one time to hold down some chicken….does that count? There was foil in between:) Also, BiG fan of Mr. Noir.

  6. You are correct. ‘Bring Pinot” is quite vague and most confusing. I would have brought Zin to prevent my brain from trying to wrap around it.

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