Le jardin lives again!

Fact: I’ve spent the last week or so fretting about le jardin because I haven’t planted my herbs yet.  I have no one to blame but myself (let’s be serious…Marcus isn’t going to plant a garden on his own) and I know that I really just need to get over the total non-time commitment and do it already.

Non-issue.  Novelty deck herb gardens are a first-world problem.  End of story.

A phone exchange at 2:59  PM with my mother-in-law.

Sue: I want to drop something by.

Me: Promise me it’s not a Tomato Plant.  Never again.

Sue: Well, it’s not that.  But it’s sort of like that.  If you’re not going to be home, I’ll just leave it on the step.

What it actually was?

Absolutely, 100% NOT a tomato plant.

I adore it.

Her response when I told her I had received it?  Le jardin lives again!

Truth or truth?  This is 100% how and why I know that we can be related.

Have you done your planting yet?

Are there any spring blossoms where you live?

I definitely saw some forsythia in bloom on my run today and it was absolutely AMAZING.


7 responses to “Le jardin lives again!

  1. Does this mean I don’t get to ask you for copious amounts of basil this year and never actually get any since you’re a busy, busy butterfly? At least we’ll get snaps of the gorgeous jardin, right?

  2. Spring has sprung here in my corner of the Midwest – or actually more like summer. (It’s been in the 80s the past few days.) Everything is in bloom, but I haven’t planted a thing yet. Call me a skeptic, but I have a feeling we’re in for some more frosts before warm temps stay for good. (Remind me of my grouchy attitude when I have nothing to eat from my garden this summer!)

  3. That’s awesome. My mother-in-law is handy that way as well. Gotta love those Spring flowers. I know you’ll rock the herb garden when you’re ready.

  4. After last year’s herb garden turned weed garden, I wasn’t sure about trying again. Watering and sunning those things kinda felt like taking care of another member of the family. And I’m all full of taking care of family members.

    But! I think I’ll try again. I really want some basil, so I can make my own pesto. Crossing my fingers it takes this time!

  5. Aw, pretty! Nice to have something that’s simply nice to look at sometimes.
    No planting for me, but I’d like to try it sometime in the future maybe.

  6. So pretty! Your MIL sounds like a fabulous lady.

    I had a lemon tree once. My mom gave it to me. I think it lasted approximately 2 weeks before she rescued it back. It was sort of a disaster!

  7. We’re totally going to try and grow tomatoes this year. I have a notoriously black thumb, so we’ll see how that fares!

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