Daily Archives: 03.21.2012

Le jardin lives again!

Fact: I’ve spent the last week or so fretting about le jardin because I haven’t planted my herbs yet.  I have no one to blame but myself (let’s be serious…Marcus isn’t going to plant a garden on his own) and I know that I really just need to get over the total non-time commitment and do it already.

Non-issue.  Novelty deck herb gardens are a first-world problem.  End of story.

A phone exchange at 2:59  PM with my mother-in-law.

Sue: I want to drop something by.

Me: Promise me it’s not a Tomato Plant.  Never again.

Sue: Well, it’s not that.  But it’s sort of like that.  If you’re not going to be home, I’ll just leave it on the step.

What it actually was?

Absolutely, 100% NOT a tomato plant.

I adore it.

Her response when I told her I had received it?  Le jardin lives again!

Truth or truth?  This is 100% how and why I know that we can be related.

Have you done your planting yet?

Are there any spring blossoms where you live?

I definitely saw some forsythia in bloom on my run today and it was absolutely AMAZING.