Daily Archives: 03.15.2012

Day 93

Last week, I took a break from my watch.

Not my Garmin, not my Heart Rate Monitor.

Because I am the kind of runner who knows that if I had either of those things (the Garmin or the HRM), I would fixate on numbers and totally lose sight of the purpose running serves in my life.

I don’t care if you have one, I don’t care if you swear by it.  This is my blissful, half-hearted stab at Saying No to technology and just living life as it comes.

Too much information for a perfectionist can be crippling.

In case, you were wondering, here is what Old Faithful looks like.

I’m not sure if it is a he or she, but I do know that it has crossed every finish line with me since I started running.

Yes, I’m Emotionally Attached.   Someday it will go to live with the shoes I’ve saved.

Anyway, I was in the middle of transitioning to running outside full-time and I knew that the speed of my runs really didn’t matter, but re-conditioning my joints to take the impact of the pavement over the treadmill really did.

Matter, that is.

So I hit the start button and proceeded to ignore the situation.

As it turns out, not looking is not so bad.

In other news, I’m in the midst of a rather ferocious craving for beer.

What I’m really trying to say: If it was socially acceptable (and wouldn’t turn me into a non-functioning alcoholic), I would make beer my Preferred Meal.  In a bottle.  If you’re looking for a visual, think about a thoroughbred drinking a Guinness.

And yes, that means I just compared myself to Zenyatta.  Who, for the record, is also A Fan of birthday cake.  Did I mention she’s also into dancing?

I think if we met in real life, we’d probably be best friends.

Anyway, less on horses and more on beer.  In the last week I have consumed/torn down/loved: Summit Maibock, Goose Island Sofie, New Glarus Fat Squirrel (2), New Glarus Moon Man, New Glarus Two Women, New Glarus Cherry Stout, Liftbridge Farmgirl Saison and a small mason jar full of some mystery-pilsner from Vine Park.

Who knows, who cares.  It hit the spot.

I may as well enjoy it now, because we all know that the next step in this downward spiral is a deep, unabiding desire to snarf sugar.  Oreos, buttercream frosting and frozen yogurt, I am coming for you.

What do you crave as you begin to up your mileage?

Do you ever take a break from the clock/Garmin/Heart Rate Monitor?