Daily Archives: 03.14.2012

So Many Things To Welcome Back

Today was Pi Day, which I totally forgot about until it came up in discussion on the news this morning.

3.14 = 3/14.  Obviously.

I’m not sure if that counts as being pun-y or as a math joke.  It doesn’t matter, really.

What you didn’t know is that on the second Wednesday of every month, my employer celebrates employee birthdays for that month with none other than…Pie!

Perfect timing, right?

So I observed with a slice of Lemon Supreme.

Apparently Supreme = Professional on the top, Party Cheesecake on the bottom.

I had no interest in the cheesecake bit.  But I had LOTS of interest in the whipped cream and the lemon bit.  I thought it would be an adequate replacement for my pre-run snack of a date (or two) and a few crunches of granola.  Previous experiments in this vein have largely proven me right.

It’s not frosting, but it will do in a pinch.

Did I mention that we made it into the 70’s today?  Because we definitely did.

Even though we barely had a winter, this year I’m beyond excited about spring.  To the point where I’m pretty sure that Marcus thinks that I’m riding the crazy.

Thank you for bearing with me as I dance through these next few days.

There are so many things to welcome back.

Open water (our pond is mid-thaw).

The geese.

His (or her?) mate preferred to remain off-camera.  They promptly began a turf war with the ducks.

We dined al fresco.  But not until I channeled my inner-Windex Warrior and wiped a winter’s worth of grit and filth off of our patio furniture.

It just wouldn’t do.

Yes, I’m an outfit repeater.  A few months ago, I realized I could count the number of times I had worn my marathon finisher’s shirt on one hand.  And so I’m trying to wear it more.  Because I should.

We sat and watched the sun set, over empty bowls and glasses, enjoying the fact that we can live our lives outdoors once again.

Did you participate in Pi Day?