Daily Archives: 03.13.2012

Signs of Spring

I didn’t talk about my weekend on The Blog a great deal, but I basically spent the period from Saturday AM to Monday PM going-going-going.  All of it was great, but all of it was also 100% exhausting.  So today, even though I worked, was kind of like an un-weekend.  If that makes any sense.

Like a month ago, Emily and I made plans to do a post-work happy hour at Pairings.  Which was a genius idea, except for the fact that it was in the high 60’s today (did I mention that we’re having a heat wave?) and as soon as I started driving home from work I realized I was morally opposed to evening activities that would keep me cooped-up and inside.

Like we had any other choice – we live in Minnesota for crying out loud.

So I called Emily, invited myself over to her place to eat dinner on her deck (because we’re friends like that) and proceeded to play beer-and-grocery round-up before I headed over to her place.

It was The Right Call.

My dinner.  Tonight.

Anyone who scorns the sacred trust that is Doritos In Taco Salad should not be trusted. Because it really is The Only Way.

Emily: Do you want me to get out of your light?

Me: No.  One, you’re not in it.  Two, no blogger has ever staged their dinner on an air conditioning unit before.

Yes, the wind was obnoxious.  Yes I was wrapped in a sweatshirt.  But there was sun on my legs and fresh air on my face.   It was heaven.

Did I mention that I also discovered that our camp chairs had cup holders?  Because that was pretty fantastic – it resolved the issue of How To Juggle My Beer quite nicely.

The signs of Spring were not dinner-exclusive.

When I got back from my run this afternoon, I realized I could just leave my extra gear (sunglasses, watch, Road ID) in the tray by our front door.

And that my shoes no longer had to take-up residence by the treadmill.

Add in the fact that my regular path is completely clear of snow and it’s like The Natural Order Of Things has been restored or something.

Or Mother Nature decided to Feng Shui my life.

Either way, I’ll take it.

How did you enjoy the weather today?