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100% Irish For A Day 5k

Last weekend, we had snow and temperatures below freezing.

When the gun went off on Saturday morning for the 100% Irish For A Day 5k it was (albeit a bit windy) clear, sunny and in the 40s.

The 5k group + the 10k group. The other instructor hadn't joined us quite yet!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to bring a “toss shirt,” until we found ourselves across the street from Ragstock on Friday night.  Let the record show that $5 can buy you happiness in the form of something light blue with a zipper.

Before we headed to the start line, I took it off, folded it up and placed it by one of the pillars at the Lake Harriet Bandshell on top of the piece of neon yellow poster board I had used to round-up all of my runners with before the race.  I wanted to make it easy for whoever was going to grab it to…grab it.

Can we just talk about how nice runners are?

Because as Marcus and I were walking past the bandshell after the race, my sweatshirt was still there.  So it will race again.

Going to the start line this time around, I didn’t have any race day adrenaline.  I did however have fresh legs and a pre-race dinner of enchiladas and flautas going for me.

So there’s that.

Some people might give you a blow-by-blow of each mile of the course.  It was 3.1 miles.  You don’t need to know how I spent every minute.  So instead I will tell you three things about the course:

  • I had no idea that if you ran on the road around Lake Harriet that there were so many hills on the far side of the lake.
  • The headwind we ran into during the last half-mile was vicious.
  • Molly’s idea to stand in the front portion of the corral was geinus.  There was NO traffic (my least favorite part of racing), no runners with weirdly long strides and no runners trying to take me out with their elbows.


Something I’m really trying to work on in my running, especially when it comes to race day is being Mentally Present.  Because mental presence keeps you from getting too comfortable while you’re out on the course.

This is a race, after all.

And apparently, according to like every running book/article I’ve read lately, if you’re not actively focusing on the race you’re running, you’re not going to make your goals.

So I did that.  Or my interpretation of that.  The thinking.  The focusing.  The pushing.

My final time?  24:14.

I was BEYOND thrilled.  I thought it was possible that I could break 26:00.  But blowing 25:00 out of the water?  Felt really good.

Ann and I at the finish line. I had to choose between a snap of us where we are missing part of our feet or the snap of us where I am missing part of my body. Feet are more important to runners. Obviously.

Post-race, I stood at the finish line to watch my runners cross.  I was so excited to see them finish strong, healthy and proud!

It’s hard to quantify how much of a difference 10 weeks can make in anyone’s running, but seeing it first hand and being able to share that transformation with my 5k group was incredible.

Are you participating in any St. Patrick’s Day-themed races this year? 

Tundra inhabitants: What have you been doing to welcome spring?